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  1. Hello, I want to add slideshow for each category. how can I add more than one image of category cover. there is only one image can be upload from backoffice of category. thank you.
  2. Any idea? What is the variable for shop id?
  3. Thanks but this is not id for shop.
  4. in src\PrestaShopBundle\Controller\Admin|ProductController.php
  5. I want to put it here. $attributeGroups = $this ->getDoctrine() ->getManager() ->getRepository('PrestaShopBundle:Attribute') ->findByLangAndShop((int)$languages[0]['id_lang'], 1); at the last instead of 1. It's not working.
  6. Does anyone know, How to get shop id in Prestashop 1.7. For example, We can get language id by (int)$languages[0]['id_lang'] in .php file.
  7. You have to translate new strings if any manually because it's difficult for theme author to provide translation ready theme for different countries.
  8. Prestashop 1.7.5 is coming in october.
  9. I'm using prestashop and I'm facing error Access Denied in Design > Pages as Superadmin. I have also tried solution of this topic but can't fix it. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/600537-ps-17-access-denied-in-design-pages-as-superadmin/ Can anyone help to fix it.
  10. Lorsque j'active une URL conviviale du back-office dans prestashop pour toutes les pages, l'URL fonctionne correctement, mais en modifiant les attributs de la page du produit comme quantité, la couleur affiche un message d'erreur "Une erreur s'est produite lors du traitement de votre demande". quand désactiver l'URL conviviale, il ne montre aucun message d'erreur, dans la console j'ai trouvé URL de la demande: https://example.com/en/?controller=product?token=bfcead06ef58d2190355daa8d69a9333&id_product=1657&id_customization=0&qty=4 Alors que la page du produit a une URL conviviale. Et dans la console, j'ai trouvé [HTTP / 2.0 404 introuvable 140ms] Je suis confronté à cette erreur depuis que j'ai migré mon magasin de 1.6 à 1.7.4. S'il vous plaît, aidez-moi à le réparer.
  11. When i change the quantity or any other attribute It doesn't change the URL to friendly URL and shows 404 not found error in console. All other url works fine.
  12. Enable debug mode on and send me error report.
  13. I'm facing same issue on quantity update and on change of any attribute. Where can i find index.html file and index.php file? And how to fix it.
  14. when i disable seo friendly url from back office then errors not occurs but when i enable it errors occurs again on ajax request sent either on quantity update Or any attribute update. It means friendly url not works for ajax call. All other urls works perfect with friendly url enable.
  15. No, I don't know how to use the chrome developer toolbar. I'm using nginx server.
  16. We should be able to help with this, would you be able to drop us an mail on [email protected] ?
  17. while I'm add to cart my product and then when i click continue shopping I'm getting error : An error occurred while processing your request Does anyone have idea how to solve it,
  18. Put the below code <a href="{$urls.pages.cart}" class="btn btn-primary"><i class="material-icons rtl-no-flip">&#xE876;</i>{l s='Back to Shopping Cart' d='Shop.Theme.Actions'}</a> in the \templates\checkout\_partials\cart-summary.tpl file after the {block name='cart_summary_totals'} {include file='checkout/_partials/cart-summary-totals.tpl' cart=$cart} {/block} I hope it will works.
  19. have you removed this? {block name='product_flags'} <ul class="product-flags"> {* {if $product.has_discount} {if $product.discount_type === 'percentage'} <li class="product-flag discount-percentage">{l s='Save %percentage%' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog' sprintf=['%percentage%' => $product.discount_percentage_absolute]}</li> {else} <li class="product-flag discount-percentage"> {l s='Save %amount%' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog' sprintf=['%amount%' => $product.discount_to_display]} </li> {/if} {/if} *} {foreach from=$product.flags|@array_reverse item=flag} <li class="product-flag {$flag.type}">{$flag.label}</li> {/foreach} </ul> {/block}
  20. \templates\catalog\_partials\miniatures\product.tpl Comment out below block {block name='product_flags'} <ul class="product-flags"> {foreach from=$product.flags item=flag} <li class="product-flag {$flag.type}">{$flag.label}</li> {/foreach} </ul> {/block}
  21. follow as per Knowband suggested you then go to Backoffice international/translation. Select your theme and language to modify it in your language.
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