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  1. Thanks in advance! My site is not showing the same price (lesser) on the frontend as on the backend. I am using **Tax Included in the preferences. I have selected "No Tax" on the product page. It was all showing correctly till yesterday. I dont know I did something an it all changed the prices of all the products. Please someone help which file in the backend is responsible for the pricing and how to fix this. Example: The price of one product as entered in backend is 15,950 and it is displaying 15,312.00 tax incl. on the frontend.
  2. I am currently using ver 1.2.2 that had a lot of upgrade problems. I atlast had to rebuild my store. I wanted to know if the upgrade from 1.2.2 to 1.2.4 is working? and is the load time increased. Please share your thoughts!
  3. thanks guys. SO what do I do to improve the speed of the website.
  4. Can I delete all the Fr language files from my host? Will this help me increase the speed on my site? Please Help me with tips to optimize me website
  5. Hello All, I am looking for suggestions to optimize the speed of my site. What all do I have to do to make my website load super fast? Any suggestions is appreciated. Thanks
  6. I still feel that it will take its own time to upgrade. Its just been 8 hours now the upgrade is frozen on Step 3.... I am leaving the system powered on and will let the upgrade run till whatever time it wants to. Will come back tomorrow and see if it works then. Does anyone have anything to comment?
  7. I am trying from past 3 days now. Today I came to the forum out of frustration....i tried uploading again but it is the same story again.
  8. Its been 6+ hours now and the screen is still frozen... Presta Team what do you guys suggest? Quit the application? This is such a pain. I will have to rebuild the site from scratch?
  9. We need to work out a way out for this....Please people who have overcome this problem...share the solution.
  10. So how are you managing now? I am feeling I have crashed my live shop now.
  11. I am trying to upgrade from v1.1 to v1.2.1. The screen is frozen on step 3 for four hours now. Has anyone been able to upgrade successfully? I have read about a lot of similar issues on the forum where people have damaged their live shops. Please someone help me come out of this frozen screen. Knock! Knock! Presta team. Why dont you guys answer and solve the problem soon. there are so many suffering.
  12. Ok! Do you suggest me to install the 1.1 and then later upgrade to 1.2 as and when it is available?
  13. Just eager to know a likely release date. I am looking to host for one of my client. Do you suggest me to install the beta 5?
  14. I am just waiting for the final version of 1.2 to release. Any idea on when will it be out?
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