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  1. Turns out it was the case that prestashop was using the apache user which was not part of the root user group. A specific module (server module not prestahsop module) on the server was missing after the upgrade, called: mod_suexec Once that was added it all started working properly.
  2. My VPS server had an apache and php upgrade. Prestashop (1.6.1) then stopped working due to permission issues. My host redid all permissions on folder/files to 0755 and 0655. That got a bit of progress but I then ran into a Smarty Cache problem giving warning message of: Fatal error: Uncaught --> Smarty: unable to write file /var/www/html/prestashop/cache/smarty/compile So to test I cleared out the contents of the two folders COMPILE and CACHE in the CACHE/SMARTY/ folder, and then changed both folders to 0777 (unsecure I know!). The site then loaded up correctly. So this is where is gets interesting (and confusing) for me. Looking at the ownership of the files in the CACHE/SMARTY/ folders, before I cleared out the contents the ownership of all the files were by: PAWSFOUR which is the login I use to access CPANEL/FTP etc. (is this the root user?) When Prestashop wrote the files to the smarty cache once the folder was set to 0777 the owner appeared as: 99 From what I have read across many other related posts is that Prestashop uses a different user when it writes to the server and as I understand it, the problem with the server not allowing Prestashop to write is because this user (in my case called 99) is not part of the apache user group? This is where I am starting to get a little confused and I am not sure how exactly to explain this to my Host provider? Can anyone explain exactly what needs to be done in terms of the users in apache/php groups etc on the host server in terms that I can explain to the host provider? I don't know which user is the root user etc (PAWSFOUR, 99) or which user needs to be added to what group (apache group?) so it's rather difficult to explain to the Host what needs to be done. I've tried looking at all the other topics on this but none really seem to explain it in a way that I can pass on to my Host. Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. I had the exact same thing happen for the first time 2 days ago - paypal payment accepted, no order created PS 1.4.1 Paypal 2.3
  4. Totally buy accident I came across some totally bizarre URLs to my site whilst using google search For example: http://artpause.com/mcpcrademaker/presentations-by-d-khaosan-hellokittyweding.html http://artpause.com/mcpcsesqui/the-higher-the-proportional-reporting-ratio-is-t-nnozzles.html http://artpause.com/mcpchaleva/their-owners-may-be-the-same-company-or-not-vlccontrols.html http://artpause.com/mcpcplumplers/data-software-blast-basic-local-alignment-sear-traiascas.html They all go to my homepage and I don't for the life of me know why they exist? The words used are nothing to do with my site. Can anyone shed any light or suggest where I should start looking to find out more about what the problem is? Many thanks Michael
  5. Excellent - found it now, thanks so much, was getting a bit confused with the <li class tags above above each section. Many thanks
  6. Hi Digitalacorn - the fix looks very interesting. When you say modify, do you mean add the code to the TPL file or is it modifying some of the lines already there, because if it is modify I don't see which part I should be modifying (using If it is adding, does it matter where the code is added? Many thanks, Michael.
  7. Just thought I would post this useful link as it has been updated for PS v1.4.x http://alvinjiang.blogspot.com/2010/04/prestashop-bcc-all-email-to-shop-owner.html It's a very simple solution for getting copies of all emails (that are sent to the client), also sent to the shop owner. For example order status emails: when an item is dispatched, the email gets sent to the client, but now the shop owner is also (blind carbon copy) copied in on the email. A nice reassurance that the emails are going out! Tested it and it works great. Even better, it's totally free. The author, Alvin, was very helpful and updated a previous 1.3.x version within 5 hours of me asking about it. The solution for 1.3.x is also available there as well. Michael artpause.com
  8. OK, no suggestions yet , but i;m thinking that maybe this can be done based on the "weight" of each attribute. If i assign weights to each attribute, and make the weights of items not available outside the UK significantly larger than those available in the UK, then i can set up carriers for overseas which have a maximum weight limit. Therefore, if someone from overseas selects a large product, which will be over the weight limits set for the overseas carrier, there will be no carrier option for them at checkout. I'll give this a go and see if it works!
  9. I don't know if this is possible, and I certainly haven't been able to work it out if it is, but i want to do the following. For each of my products I have several attributes, based on size. What I want to be able to do is restrict overseas postage of the larger items. So for example, size small and size medium can be shipped anywhere in the world, but size large and size extra large can only be shipped within the UK. Is there a way that such restrictions can be done? (v1.4.1)
  10. Finally got my shop online and populated with few products. I sell my own artwork, both as art prints and canvas prints. You can see it here: artPause It's taken a while to get it done. At times it was frustrating beyond believe, but these were made up for by arms-in-the-air cheering moments when particularly complicated things got resolved. I've have learnt so much about php and sql in the process, the forums have been a great help, just too many users to thank in the end. Still have a few things to iron out (for example the HOME button on the top menu doesn't re-direct properly from product pages) and it is currently only set for UK buyers until its fully populated and been running a while. Any comments and constructive criticism greatly welcomed Many thanks Michael artPause
  11. I too have noticed the same issue, doesn't seem to have been changed in 1.4.1
  12. doh! well hopefully in the next build, fingers crossed, touch wood etc!
  13. many thanks - time to update from 1.4.017 to 1.4.1 in that case then!!
  14. did you find a solution for this as I am also wondering how to do the same thing!
  15. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. On my site I am trying to get the user login and cart to align to the right hand side, underneath the contact / sitemap / bookmark buttons. The contact / sitemap / bookmark buttons were originally aligned on the left, but I managed to move them to the right, but now the user login and cart have shifted to the left I installed the firebug extension for firefox so i could see what the css bits were, but i just can't get the user login and cart to fully align to the right. The website is here www.artpause.com It's a custom theme (deco evo) and the changes i made to the css were in the white.css file in the modules>thmskins>css folder. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated EDIT: HOORAY SOLVED - Discovered the clear:both command, which I added to the css affecting the user login/cart to overide the float part of the contact/sitemap/bookmarks css
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