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  1. When I click the Design > Pages , the page is redirected to this url:

    We have upgraded website from to . as well.

    Also I attempted to solve the issue with these steps:

    • clearing cache in BO
    • deleting var/cache/prod and dev
    • regenerated the .htaccess file through toggling the friendly URL config
    • also checked for any class that overrides something.. and disabled all of them
    • disabled all non-presta modules
    • composer dump

    but not happened

    I figured out that this is one of the classes which are migrated to symfony controllers..

  2. 4 minutes ago, giom said:


    thank you for the reply.

    Yes Indonreceive an email but only the  usual confirmation email, cause this option is  enabled into my prestashop.

    but no email with activation link...

    how could I fix it , please ?


    thank you



    If U do not receive an email with the activation link, another module is intercepting the request and render the response! I do not know what modules U have!

  3. 14 hours ago, giom said:


    Having an issue.

    account got created correctly, but no link into the email in order to activate the account.

    When I check the new account just created into CMS admin part, it appears it is not enabled...


    using prestashop with a customized template.


    Any idea?


    Thank you.



    Do you get any email? If not! I think this is because of one of your modules in your customized theme which breaks the request and really before the hook for email module get run, the customized module return a response! Im not sure

  4. On 5/11/2015 at 8:06 PM, PascalVG said:

    Hi Numsu,


    Sorry, didn't read well enough. PrestaShop makes use of Smarty. Since Smarty 3, there is a possibility to override parts of a template, using "Smarty Inheritance". In short, you can define blocks of code, name them and then replace these blocks of code in an 'extended' version of the original file. See te link for more detail.


    PrestaShop only sparingly makes use of this as yet, and sometimes in a way that hardly made much sense to me for now, as I saw them use it by surrounding the full tpl contents by the {block} .. {/block}  tags. Maybe to get the option to extend the same file in different ways or so...


    Any way, most of the core files don't use these {block} tags as yet, so this will not be an option for now.



    I don't see much other ways than just override them in full for now,




    Hi PascalVG,

    thanks for your explanation. This is Ok when our module wants to use a template file. But what if (think about that) a template file (core template file) is used by a core class/controller. What if we want to modify a core template file which is used by core functionality.

    E.g: CustomerForm.php uses customer-form.tpl, and we want to override the customer-form.tpl by a module

    I think it is not possible at all!


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  5. When i go to the page that loads my symfony service , it tells me there is no such a service with this name registered.

    my config.yml file looks like this:

        class: Foo\Repository\ProductRepository
        arguments: ['@doctrine.dbal.default_connection', '%database_prefix%']

    and my module structure is like the attached image. (this is the tutorial module)

    Screenshot from 2018-09-17 10-20-35.png

    What is really wrong?

  6. On 9/12/2018 at 6:02 PM, Rolige said:

    By altering the native database tables probably you will kill the future updates of PrestaShop, that’s why you need create your own ones and handle it from a module or override file.

    Thanks for your reply.

    But creating my own tables means creating my own active record classes?

    What if the native table has so many relationships with other tables?

  7. According to this link , it says that it's recommended to create new tables for new module. Is it true about the existing entities? (like customer, cart, product etc.)

    I think we should not create new tables for somethings like these cases, and we should modify the existing tables (e.g to add a field to customer table).

    Is it true?

    And when we modify the existing tables, should we override the classes? (e.g we want to add a field to customer, should we modify the corresponding class for customer- for active records)

  8. Hello,

    we need to change/add some functionalities to the prestashop (really its core). For example, to change the registration page fields or add some behavior or change the registration flow (or any other changes that we want). 

    What is the best practice?

    - creating new module to add this functionality

    - or modifying the prestashop core

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