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  1. There are some BUGs in the source code of these files... 1. I strongly recommend to use the same DataBase prefixes. (old shop and fresh shop). I had to update all these files manually inserting different prefixes. 2. There is difference between old language codes and new language codes... in ps_lang. New PS 1.6 have language code for example de-de Old PS 1.4 -> updated to 1.6 wiil have de language code... 3. some updates to copy_shopdata.php line 62 for($i=0; $i < (sizeof($oldlangs)-1); $i++) we should reduce count of iterations. line 207 for($i=0; $i < (sizeof($oldlangs)-1); $i++) same
  2. Validate.php replace function isCleanHtml to static public function isCleanHtml($html) { return true; }
  3. I am trying to hide right column in SUBCATEGORIES page... i ve put this code into header.tpl {if !isset($subcategories)} <!-- Center --> {/if} {if isset($subcategories)} {/if}
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