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  1. Developer claims that in order to items from one order be shipped separately is supported with 1.7.7+ and no choice to previous version. Heh, I need to upgrade my clients store, not an easy task with all custom code.
  2. Regenerate images in prestashop admin and enable apache optimization in perfomance settings
  3. Grab the errors from your browser console, it might be ajax request error
  4. I find module with multi delivery address and multi carriers support but the minimum prestashop version 1.7.7 https://flagon.digital/multi-shipping-prestashop-delivery-142 Does anyone have solution for the PS 1.7.3?
  5. Please post your javascript code in part where you run the text
  6. I got similar problem with the module and was resolved when I switch to older PHP
  7. Read similar solved poste
  8. The Friendly URLs working with server rewrite rules. If you do prestashop on Apache you need to edit your htaccess file Switch off/on Apache optimization switch in presta settings http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS17/Performance and the page is moved is fine when you enable debug mode
  9. Didnt you forgot to set a type 'type' => 'switch', 'is_bool' => true, 'desc' => $this->l('Switch'),
  10. Install one store and setup 2 extra store with the prestashop multistore http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS17/Managing+Multiple+Shops
  11. You dont need to install new prestashop, create new store in the presta back office
  12. Remove titles is not good for SEO, google look into it when rank your pages
  13. if (Module::isEnabled('moduleName') && $product->id != 10) {}
  14. To accomplish this you have to edit cart tpls in your theme https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/tree/develop/themes/classic/templates/checkout/_partials
  15. You can do it with javascript after page loaded. Add it to the footer
  16. It is addons site request problem, do disable the public static function addonsRequest in the Tools.php. After installation must enable it!
  17. Plain google javascript will not track Ecommerce, you definitely have to install advanced Google Analytics module to track all purchases
  18. How many visitor or buyers your site have per day, and how many products do you have in shop?
  19. In your products limit the Available carriers http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS17/Managing+Products#ManagingProducts-Shipping then install the multi-shipping prestashop module, it will split the orders for each carrier in the cart
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