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  1. Can you give me some more informations... MySql Tables? Which one to look for? Thank you. BoInG
  2. is this problem to complicated? At least... some advices where to start to search... Tnq!
  3. I had recently upgrade my shop from 1.3 to 1.4 and now I'm trying to find a solution for this problem: ( after searching the forum i couldn't find any answer ) I'm using two languages: English and Romanian ( Romanian is default selected ). When i browse my shop in FO from categories to categories, subcategories to subcategories in Romanian - some of them - categories ( not all) are not displaying anything. Just the message: "Nu exista produse in aceasta categorie." (that means: There are no products in this category.). Changing to English will display the correct products and subcategoryes, but in english. Does anybody else had this problem? Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem? Thank you. I can provide the link of the website in PM, if needed. Thank you. Boing
  4. Strange, Stock Movements menu tab is right after Attachments. Do you have access to admin user or just one of the employees? Maybe Stock movements is disabled from you permission tab ( Employees > Permission ) Direct url to Stock Movements is: www.yourwebsite.com/youradmin/index.php?tab=AdminStockMvt + token ( but if you don't have permission it wont work. )
  5. to solve this problem go to Catalog -> Stock Movements go to the bottom of the page and change the Default Stock Movement reason to INCREASE then click save
  6. EDITED: SORRY... you can delete this message, i found the solution. Thank you. ---------------------------------------------------------- I just updated my script from 1.3.1 to Prestashop 1.4 and i have some problems. After searching on google and prestashop forum, i couldn't find an answer to this problem: Now, after update, when i try to edit or add a new product and i push the save/publish button, the script returns this message: Fatal error (StockMvt -> id_stock_mvt_reason = -1) Does anybody know what can i do or what i need to change? Thank you. Boing
  7. UP... maybe someone can see this and help me! Thank you!
  8. I will like to add a new feature to my prestashop e-shop, but until now i couldn't find any solution on this forum. Does anybody know if it's possible to search by "product ID" in prestashop? If yes, can you say how? ( i think is not to hard, i just have to add the product id from mysql to search terms in prestashop script, but i don't know how) Any help is welcomed! Thank you. Boing
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