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    Any hint how, but that is user friendly on mobile devices ? Old version is not.
  2. Is there a way to add datepicker on birthday field? That works on Prestashop and that is mobile friendly. Regards, Josip
  3. I have the same problem from time to time. Anybody? Solution? PS: Regards
  4. I have deleted all my carriers, create new ones. And recreate cod fee rule again. Will see. Thank you.
  5. I'm using I totally forgot about log file. Now i see even worse situation. :( Till now i thought it was only error when the cart is above "free delivery" limit. But now i see, its "random" that doesn't add cod fee.
  6. I'm using I totally forgot about log file. Now i see even worse situation. Till now i thought it was only error when the cart is above "free delivery" limit. But now i see, its "random" that doesn't add cod fee.
  7. I thought so too, but for some reason when they choose COD payment method, and if its above my "free delivery amount" it doesnt add COD fee. hmmm
  8. Hi @sakgiok i have "free delivery" if the amount is above of 50euros in total cart for main carrier. Is it possible, if the customer choose COD method for main carrier to "add 5 euros fee" even if they spend more than 50euros and get "free delivery"? Best regards, Josip
  9. @sakgiok Its working great. Thank you a lot for your time, speed... everything.
  10. Big Big Thank you. If you have paypal i will buy u a beer
  11. Hi @sakgiok, To be honest im not sure. I think i didnt use any custom module for that. I put on my 'product price' price with tax and without. In localization -> country -> my country edit -> mark "show tax inc." working exmpl. but for delivery - In delivery option on second step i choose my Tax rule. It adds tax from delivery + product, as you can see on the pict. above ... hmm Im testing on but the same is on my second shop https://www.hostknox.com/knowledgebase/225/How-to-display-the-tax-in-the-cart-in-PrestaShop.html
  12. Hi thank you for the plugin and your time. Its working great. One question: Is it possible to show tax in checkout process? See atachment. Like in the email conf. Thank you again and best regards
  13. It doesnt allow me to change it. Do you know maybe where i can change this form help/error text http://prntscr.com/lqx4xs ? br, Josip
  14. Ohh im sorry. It really is there. In that wasnt there, but i upgraded meanwhile in Thank you.
  15. Tx, but i did. In v1.7 they remove option to change format.
  16. Is there a way to change postal code format in prestashop 1.7 I want to remove "SI" from SI-0000. Want to use only numbers. BR, Josip
  17. Hi to all, Im having spec. price rule now 25% on all webshop, and some specific individual disounts on some products. For some reason it wont display all on my price drop page only 10 ?!, as you can see here -> https://www.malaodlavande.com/index.php?controller=prices-drop&order=product.price.asc Is there a way to show all my products that are on discount in price drop page? Thank you.
  18. Hi plp, where can i find code that display " Total spent since registration " in detail order. I would like to use it to display that part somewhere else. Tx. Josip
  19. Hi to all, can anybody help me how to get this facebook share link from prestablog display ok. exmpl. url: https://www.malaodlavande.com/blog/garancija-na-ucinkovitost-dezodoransa-b24.html i cant get facebook to pull the image from my prestashop blog posts, title and description is ok, but it pulls some randome pictures from front page instead picture i have uploded in blog itself. Any hint what to do ? Tx PS: v, latest psblog version Theme: pf_havina
  20. PS am i looking something wrong, but i cant see the "button". Installation went ok. Do i need to modify something because of PS v 1.7 or? Tx Sorry i was looking at wrong place, it works great. Thank you.
  21. Paypal Business and private, same thing.
  22. I have experience multiple time this "validating purchase". Not to tell you i have lost TIME and TIME. The dumbest thing i ever see. I pay, "u" take my money i have to wait and wait and wait ... I'm on lots of comm. and buying lots of plugins/themes etc. never see something like this. Usually when i pay something i get immediately or in very short time. Big dislike Presta. Please enlight me and tell why this approach, (solid arguments pls.) maybe millions and i looking in it in wrong way?
  23. Thank you. Best regards, Josip
  24. Hi everyone, im sorry in advance if i choose the wrong section to post this. Can anybody help me/point me where i can change/translate text in the required field on registration form. Example in the attach. PS v. Tx Josip
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