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  1. Not a clue. I didn't make any changes or clear any cache/cookies.
  2. Well, I went to get the logs right your comment and of course, the fields are appearing now. Gotta love technology.
  3. I just upgraded to PS (I'm also using PHP 7.4) When I open a product page to edit, the Description & Summary text boxes appear for a second and then disappear. Any idea why or what I need to do to fix it?
  4. @Crezzur - Will I need to sometimes empty the DB tables when the DB starts to get close to its size limit?
  5. @Crezzur - Thank you! If I have 2 categories with the same attributes, can I use 1 filter for each or do I still need to use 2 filters?
  6. I have tried to use the PS Faceted Search and a custom module (Easy filter module by sunnytoo.com), but either the modules or something else in PS causes the following DB tables to increase in size that reaches the 1gb database capacity. It prevents me from logging into my PS account. - Short Term Resolution: Truncate/clear those tables & disable the Filter module. - DB Tables: ps_layered_filed_block, ps_guest, ps_connections Is there a reason why using the Faceted Search might cause these tables to have so many rows?
  7. Thanks. Updated the original post with additional information & screenshots.
  8. My category descriptions do not appear in my mobile website, but it does show up on a laptop. What do I need to do to make that appear? P.S. Theme: Final-Cart (custom theme) https://topnotchtack.com/116-riding-gear
  9. Thanks, I use that module when deleting images for 1 product at a time. The PrestaShop Tidy plugin allows me to quickly delete all images of all products that have been deleted.
  10. I found a plugin that seems to do this: https://codecanyon.net/item/prestashop-tidy/18965736
  11. I have 700 products that are disabled that I no longer need and I want to delete their images from my server. Is there a quicker way to delete the images from the server?
  12. I want to delete all images for products that are disabled to reduce space on my server. Is there a module that can help with this?
  13. shipping.tplinvoice.note-tab.tpl In the shipping.tpl file, customers can enter a delivery message (line 84-85: <label for="delivery_message">) This information appears in the new order email that is sent to me (file: new_order.html, lines 104-122). What do I need to do to display the delivery message on the invoice? I've tried several possible variables: $order_invoice->note, $note, $delivery_note, $message new_order.html
  14. Does anyone know how to add a product reference number to the Shopping Cart (file: cart-detailed-product-line.tpl)?
  15. I want to show the image caption on the product page (using the image modal) instead of the product summary appears under the images. My understanding is that the $image needs to be defined before this set of code: <figcaption class="image-caption"> {block name='product_description_short'} <div id="product-description-short" itemprop="description">{$product.description_short nofilter}</div> {/block} </figcaption> So then I can change the 3rd line (above) to this: <div id="product-description-short" itemprop="description">{$image.legend}</div> And the .tpl file is defining $image within this loop after the figcaption. {foreach from=$product.images item=image} I have no PHP experience and when I tried to make some changes I was able to get the image captions to appear but it wasn't displaying correctly. Willing to pay someone to update this .tpl file to display the image caption. product-images-modal.tpl
  16. Thank you! I am not a PHP expert but I did put {foreach from=$product.images item=image} within the <figure> tag and was able to get the image caption to display, but I don't think I had it in the correct location. I tried the following and it displayed all captions for the product, not just the select image. <figcaption class="image-caption"> {block name='product_description_short'} {foreach $product.images AS $image} <div id="product-description-short" itemprop="description">{$image.legend nofilter}</div> {/foreach} {/block} </figcaption> What would be the correct way to define $image within the <figcaption> section since I don't want a loop?
  17. I want to show the image caption on the product page. Right now, the product's summary appears under the images. But, I want the image caption to be shown instead. I believe I need to edit this line of code in the product-images-modal.tpl file. If I comment out these lines, the summary is not shown. <figcaption class="image-caption"> {block name='product_description_short'} <div id="product-description-short" itemprop="description">{$product.description_short nofilter}</div> {/block} </figcaption> I tried to replace the 3rd line with the following but that didn't work: <div id="product-description-short" itemprop="description">{$image.legend}</div> product-images-modal.tpl
  18. What do I need to do to show an image's caption within the front office?
  19. I want to display 8 links in the main menu bar. But, PrestaShop is only display 7 links, then displaying a "More" option with the 8th link. Instead of displaying "More" I would like for the 8th link to be listed. Is there a way to modify the module to display all 8 links on my website instead of adding a "More" option?
  20. I am looking for a module that allows the user to enter one code but apply 1 of 2 potential conditions, based on the total price. Example: 15% off if total is between $50-$100 20% off if total is over $101 I found one module on PrestaShop's store but am wondering if there are other module options that I could consider. Thanks!
  21. Because I don't want to create an account on behalf of a customer. If they decide to create an account in the future, it will be a bad user experience if the website tells them an account already exists and they didn't know that I created it for them. I just want to log sales that were made outside of PrestaShop so all my sales are in one place.
  22. I am wondering if my CSS file is the reason why the PS Faceted Search is not displaying. When I do an Inspect on my product listing pages, the Left Column doesn't show anything in regards to the Faceted Search. I saw a few "block !important!" in the CSS file for some of the facet tags so I changed all of them to display: inline-block; just to see what happens but nothing changed. I've attached the original CSS file and the test CSS file. Is anyone able to figure out if my CSS file is the reason why the Faceted Search does not work on my website? theme (original).css theme (changed).css
  23. I think I am confused. I clicked on "Full Refund" at the top of the Order page to process the refund. Is there something else that I need to do? Because PS says "Warning $0.00 paid instead of $5.00" makes me thing that either something is wrong with the refund process or I am forgetting a step.
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