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  1. Hej Malling Jeg har en løsning til dig her : i Moduler - Kurv blog vælger du Ajax kurv fra. Dernæst går du i Bagkontor >> Preferences >> Products i punktet Re-direction efter at have tilføjet vare til kurv: vælger du Kurv resumé. voila // Sif
  2. Also I discovered that the place that handle my payment transactions was not set up for the new presta version!!! I had to change the provider!
  3. Hi there I just upgraded my shop to 1.2.1 I discovered that it´s no longer possible to create tags in 2 words - like this: hot milk, I get an Hack attempt (Tag -> name is empty) But no prob if it´s one full word like this : hotmilk, Is there a way to change this ??? I have a high ranked page at google with this adress: www.hotmilk.dk/search.php?tag=amme+bh But since I can not create 2 worded tags anymore the new page is empty
  4. Hi everyone I´ve just made a fresh install of 1.2.1 and I love it - Thank you Presta team!!! There is just one serious problem I cant pay in the shop non of the modules is working - I´ve spend hours now trying to sort it out - But I am blank and I hope I can get it fixed ASAP I will activate the shop now hoping that someone can take a look and come up with a clever solution! Warmly // Sif
  5. Det lyder sørme da ikke rart - deadend humh!!! Jeg sidder selv med version 1.2.1 og har ingen problemer what so ever. Ville ønske jeg lige kunne løse den der for dig, men jeg er blank. Held og lykke. // Sif
  6. Hej Kristian Har du sat translations folderen til CHMOD 777 ??? // Sif
  7. I was sure but I was not right. Thank you so much for your time Radu. Warmly // Sif
  8. Dear Radu Thanks for getting back - Yes it´s strange and I checked my dbase and it´s not there. I wanted to create it manually but I dont know how many rows/fields to add to it! Perhaps you know this??? Warmly Sif
  9. Hej Det er ikke så smart at ændre i TPL filerne, hvis man senere hen gerne vil have sin shop på flere sprog. Du kan let ændre det i back office under translations - modul oversættelser og så finde blocksearch-top og så ændre search til hvad du nu ønsker der skal stå!!! Bedste hilsner // Sif
  10. Hi I have installed the block newsletter module and I get the same error - So this is not the reason Radu! It would be fantastic to find the solution on this matter since its a great feature!!! // Sif
  11. Nous vous remercions Julien - Mais je suis super contente Alpha Media module / / SIF
  12. Merci pour cette solution! Cela fonctionne très bien - sauf pour les plus listes "déroulantes" sous-catégorie des noms! Pouvez-vous aider avec une solution de nouveau? // Sif
  13. Hey there I am in the middle of redesigning my shop at http://www.hotmilk.dk A brand new look with new categorys - structure and so on. I have approx 250 pages indexed by google at the moment! A lot of the pages on the new site are the same - But there are more words to each product now and so on (new url also). My ? is schould I create a 301 redirects for all the indexed pages. Or is it better to improve the site and pages and then get a higher rank from those??? Anyone who knows how Google looks at this??? // Sif
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