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  1. Hmm, don't work for me and I modified all files. I use Prestashop v1.6.1.11. Url site: https://axel-company.ro . Please if you can watch at my site Thanks in advance!
  2. Not show up in FO (Prestashop, I attached a image. Site URL: axel-company.ro Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, thanks for your quickly response. I use your concent and now work perfect.
  4. Hi, I found some problem to new version 2.2.1 of BLOCKLAYERED MODULE FREE. After update don't show in parents category the products (the setting is YES) so the filter don't work properly on this category. If somebody have the same problem, I solved like lower. I was needed to re-install the v2.2.0 of the module. You must delete the v2.2.1 from Module (BO). With FilleZilla up on server the folder from zip file, delete the blocklayered folder from modules and then rename the folder from zip file to blocklayered. After this, go in Modules (BO) and install. (DON'T UPDATE AGAIN TO V2.2.1)!!! Please feel free to download the v2.2.0 from this topic. Sorry for my english, is not my first language blocklayered-2.2.0.zip
  5. Hi, i found a small problem with two settings from Product listing page, when i select "Render ratinds, but make it invisible" or "Render empty ratings" the blocklayered (filter) from Prestashop don't work. Please check it please. I use Prestashop Thanks and great module!
  6. Hi, i have the same problem, you resolved this issue?. If YES please share the answer. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I was needed to deactivate the module because don't work properly with review module wich I use. Please let me know how to make this module to work with my review module. Url site: axel-company.ro Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, i have some problem install the module - i got this: The following module(s) could not be installed properly: faq : . Please can help to figure what is the problem? My site url: axel-company.ro I use Prestashop Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, i use Prestashop 1.6.11 and i don't know why i get the text like in image attached (error.png). I attach also a image with configuration in cron (cron.png). Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, please attach some image with what make your module. Thanks a lot!
  11. Don't work, i try also with fancyboxallpages.zip, but nophing I use Prestahop
  12. Hi, how i can show more than one review, in a carousel? Thanks in advance!
  13. Ok, perfect. Can I put the module on home page to show the last review? Thanks, great module!
  14. Hi, I have some problems with this module - is affect one module I use (review module). The module work but the module don't work properly and the problem is this age module. Please help me, i need this module but i need also this review module. Thanks a lot!
  15. Thanks a lot, I deactivate ageverification module and now it work. How can found the problem was ageverification module?
  16. Hi, my site url is: axel-company.ro, but the module is not activated because don't work. PLease tell me when you can look (day-hour) to activate module. Thanks a lot!
  17. Hi, I have a problem with module after upgrate for GDPR v1.5, "be first who write a review" from rightProduct don't work. My site: axel-company.ro Please help, thanks a lot!
  18. I installed on my prestashop and it work But please let me know if the security issue is rezolved. Thanks for the amazing module!
  19. Hi, i have a problem, don't show pop up content I use Prestashop I attached two photos. I don't know why don't work. I have only one language (RO) and don't show in BO to select language. Please,if you can, help me! Best regard!
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