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  1. Hi, testing the ps_categoryproducts locally on PS version. The problem is that it displays the description only for the first product, others are ignored. Anybody has faced similar problem? I'm attaching the screenshot
  2. Sveiki, ar yra sukurtas modulis versijai 1.7.x siuntų siekimui?
  3. Hi! Two questions: 1). The icon in the button has not been loaded because properties for 'material-icons' class wasn't loaded. Any suggestions? Cache was cleared... 2). In my template the button is displayed on hover between product's title and "compare" button. How it could be brought to bottom?
  4. Could you please describe it with details or with a screenshot. Thank you!
  5. By the way, what will be if one product will be ordered the same day a few times? Once it's ordered it should be out of stock and order button must be disabled. How it could be done?
  6. OK, thank you! But it will only work as a front-end "mask", hiding the inputs from the view. While programmatically this functionality isn't disabled. Should it be as a future request?
  7. Just Rollbacked to and waiting for solution... Update becomes really a nightmare with surprises...
  8. Hi! The problem is that 1-lick upgrade module freezes on DB update from to Yes, I've set the default theme to classic, as have done it with previous update, 1-click update module's version is latest - 3.0.5 Two questions: 1). How manually upgrade DB to 2). And why 1-click module fails? Is it so buggy?
  9. Yes, that it is in test mode: link
  10. So is it possible do not allow to order exceeded quantity which is in stock?
  11. Hi! It's , template is non default
  12. Hi there! We offer only exclusive products which are sold only by one item. So the Presta should work in such way: 1). Disabled quantity field in product view 2). There should be only one item in stock. Once it's sold - the product can't be purchased once more by another customer. How it could be achieved? As I understand in Catalog->"Stock" or "Product"-> "stock" tab "1" should be entered? But in such way case "1)." is not executed. The quantity field is still available...
  13. Unfortunately with SSL on it doesn't load content. It only load header, that's all. After I turn off SSL - instantly content appears(on refresh) P.S. it seems that this module had been an issue raiser: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/771079-once-ssl-is-enabled-the-content-is-not-loading/?tab=comments#comment-2809975
  14. Hi there! Having troubles with SSL turned on. I've moved the shop to subdomain. The config looks like: domain - shop.website.com domain_ssl - shop.website.com physical_uri - / SSL is turned on the hosting and in admin's page - "SSL" and "SSL on all pages". Once SSL is on the content is not loading. But what is weird, once I turn on the debug mode in config/defines.inc.php the content magically is loading and no error are seen. Can't figure out how it could be related... But what should I recheck? It's really weird situation...
  15. Thanks a lot! That's works! Only having some troubles with SSL. The shop domain and SSL domain must be the same? shop.website.com ?
  16. Hi there! I've installed and configured Prestashop 1.7.x on my localhost. The old address was simple - localhost/shop/ I have copied all files to a subdomain. Once I tried to access the shop.website.com it was redirecting me to localhost/shop So I've logged-in to admin's area and changed main URL to shop.website.com and the same to SSL and third input box(don't remember the label right now) So now the page is not loading at all and redirecting me to http://shop.website.com/shop.website.com/ Tell me please which config file I should edit and what I should do with SSL? Leaving it blank produces the "localhost" entry...
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