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  1. Just pass memory_limit to 1G, max_input_time and max_execution_time to 18000 Regards,
  2. Clean you cache, and delete browser cache also, the site working correctly. Regards,
  3. Accédez à votre back-office, puis Paramètres de la boutique -> Contact et modifiez les e-mails à partir d'ici.
  4. If you dont share with us your link with debug enabled we cant help you. This query doesnt have any problem.
  5. Hello 41ms it's not so high, I need to see in live the debug, can you active on your prod site or give me dev site url?
  6. We need to see the first 10 queries. Please paste it screen Thank you.
  7. Sorry, I forgot the important tag, check with it: .fancybox-overlay.fancybox-overlay-fixed{ background-color: transparent !important; opacity: 1 !important; }
  8. Please replace the previous rule with the following: .fancybox-overlay.fancybox-overlay-fixed{ background-color: transparent; opacity: 1 !important; }
  9. Hai ragione, puoi provare così? {% set a = 1 %} {% for product in orderForViewing.products.products %} {% set a = a + 1 %} {% include '@PrestaShop/Admin/Sell/Order/Order/Blocks/View/product.html.twig' with { 'product': product, 'productIndex': loop.index, 'paginationNum': paginationNum, 'isColumnLocationDisplayed': isColumnLocationDisplayed, 'isColumnRefundedDisplayed': isColumnRefundedDisplayed, 'isAvailableQuantityDisplayed': isAvailableQuantityDisplayed } %} {% if orderForViewing.products.products|length == a %} <tr><td colspan="8" style="background:blue;color:white;">FINE PRODOTTI</td></tr> {% endif %} {% endfor %}
  10. Il problema è che il twig non include il loop.last salvo non venga utilizzato il modello filter. A questo punto poiché il tuo codice in html non include alcun tipo di variabile perché non lo inserisci banalmente così? {% for product in orderForViewing.products.products %} {% include '@PrestaShop/Admin/Sell/Order/Order/Blocks/View/product.html.twig' with { 'product': product, 'productIndex': loop.index, 'paginationNum': paginationNum, 'isColumnLocationDisplayed': isColumnLocationDisplayed, 'isColumnRefundedDisplayed': isColumnRefundedDisplayed, 'isAvailableQuantityDisplayed': isAvailableQuantityDisplayed } %} {% endfor %} <tr><td colspan="8" style="background:blue;color:white;">FINE PRODOTTI</td></tr>
  11. Ti confermo che ho provato a pagare con PayPal senza premere il bottone Paga Adesso. Ti confermo il corretto funzionamento anche da Firefox. Ti consiglio di evitare Safari per ora, sincerarti che funziona su Chrome e Firefox pulendo le cache e provando in incognito.
  12. You must contact your hosting reseller and ask him to increase the memory limit. Only via debugging profile we can see what slows your site.
  13. Please set to 1GB as I told you should be > 512M then try again.
  14. Please check the following instructions: https://chemicloud.com/kb/article/how-to-increase-the-php-memory-limit-in-cpanel/
  15. You should edit the memory_limit of your hosting trying to increase to > 512MB
  16. Please set to true the _PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_ inside the file: \config\defines.inc.php So refresh the "carpet" category at the end of file Prestashop will debug the loading time of your site. I need a copy of it by screen or via a test site. After, just set the DEBUG PROFILING to false. We will check which query\plugin slowing your category.
  17. I guess the problem is with a module, to fix it just add the follwing CSS rule: .fancybox-overlay.fancybox-overlay-fixed{ opacity: 1 !important; } Delete cache and refresh your page.
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