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  1. does this model work with ps

    i tried with 0.6, 0.7 and 1.default newest version. if uploud new img from bo, watermark apear, but there are ~4000 products with average 2-6 img so cant image how long it would take to reupload img.

    image regeneration not applying watermark (all or seperatly each dimmension). i mean regeneration finished without 400/500 issue (i extendend sql time to 30min), but unfortunatelly without watermark. only then finished regeneration noted that missing some pictures (26) web1/web/img/p/2/3/6/ ect.

    i create for test purpose new image type, same situation, no luck.


    any advise, there should looking for issue?

  2. the shortcode cannot work in blog module editor. Custom hooks instead will work in any tpl file, even from other modules


    thanks for response. as i understood then use costom hook with noted slidename that slide will apear in all pages with this hook.

    for example if i add {hook h="displaySlidersPro" slider="sliderNameA"} to modules\ph_simpleblog\views\templates\front\single.tpl that slideNameA apear in all blog pages.


    how to use sliderNamA inside blog post B with shortcode [SE:slideNameA]? It necessary to modify slider ir blog module?


  3. Hello! Very imprresive module!


    How configure, that Shortcode for editors will work in simple blog module?

    In cms description shortcode working, in simple blog not, but both use same html editor.

    Is have issue with my website or this model its not able to do it at all?


    I saw, that its possible to add costum hook, but there are no discription about html editor.


    Thanks in advance for help

  4. Hi, i have same problem with home dashbord after upgrade to

    There aren't information about sales, only about visits.



    1.Data mining module installed/reinstalled

    2. Data mining - all three disabled.

    3. Then click "show demo" demo info showing in all tabs.

    4. Time tab working

    5. No js errors.


    Any advice?

  5. Hello,


    update PS from 1.4 to

    Friendly URL - yes

    Accented URL - no

    Automatically redirect to the canonical URL - yes

    Disable apache multiviews - no

    Disable apache mod security - no


    I add some whitelist accents to classes/tools.php file, because during csv import PS removed special characters in frendly url. Please take a look to forge link http://forge.prestas...anel#issue-tabs

    So now during csv import all accents replacing as i want, but how regenerate frendly url of my all catalog present products?


    i find only one solution: in BO product seo section, press "generate" button (it working). But how to do it mass?


    I tried:

    1. turn off "Friendly URL"

    2. delete htaccess file

    3. turn on "Friendly URL" (htaccess generate new)

    4. Generated same frendly urls with deleted accents


    So during generarion PS didnt check updated tools.php file?

    in database field, links are with deleted accents.


    Dont image how to sort it asap, because now ~80% links redirect to 404 page and google report this issues to me.



    Just reimport csv with two columns "ID" and emty field "frendly url". All products frendly url was renewed. Issue solved.

  6. Bonjour,
    module i accroché to header, mais ont des problèmes pour l'afficher corectly.
    Dans les pages comme il xxx.php bon état de fonctionnement.
    Dans les pages CMS il travaille, mais il manque l'image, montrer que 404.gif.
    Dans la fiche produit de le congeler, montrent que cu3er logo.

    Comment je peux résoudre ce problème? J'ai vraiment besoin d'en-tête i, parce que les lames 3D semblent très bon.

    Hello, i hooked module to header, but have problems to display it corectly.
    In pages like xxx.php it working good.
    In CMS pages it working, but missing image, show only 404.gif.
    In product page it freeze, show only cu3er logo.

    How i can solve this problem? I really need it i header, because 3d slides look pretty good.


    p.s version 1.3.1

  7. Tomer,

    Then i transplant module to "Product footer", another one at extraright didn't disapeare.
    At extraright it is with scroll, at footer witout it.
    I checked position, so there i have two entrys: Header of pages and Product footer.
    Then i deleted form Header of pages, bove blocks crached.

    So there could be problem?

    PS 1.3.1

    I was hiden "all position", so find module at extra and deleted.

    However, one more question. In horizontal position block is without scroll or there one more "bug" on my side?

  8. hello,

    Could somebody explain how to hook this model to header?
    I know, that code must like "HOOK_HEADER".
    How it work, if in BO i can choose to display only home, left c., rigt c.?
    Maybe than choose home, it would display in header?

    p.s sorry that typing not in frencophone.

    EDIT: fixed.



    Quelqu'un pourrait-il expliquer comment relier ce modèle à en-tête?
    Je sais, ce code doit, comme "HOOK_HEADER".
    Comment ça marche, si i BO pouvez choisir d'afficher seulement la maison, colonne de gauche. colonne Rigt?
    Peut-être que de choisir la maison, il affiche l'en-tête?

    regrette que le typage n'est pas frencophone.

  9. Hello,

    I'm really confused, because i cant find original htaccess file.
    Few months ago, i moved presta to root folder. Before that, i was made htaccess file and create frendly url.
    Few days ago, I wanted edit htaccess file, and saw, that its emty!

    I set @ini_set('display_errors', 'off') to "on" at config.inc.php, also checked are made root at settings.inc.php define('__PS_BASE_URI__', '/'); but no errors i get than (re)generating htacccess file. Interesting, that robots.txt was generated normaly.

    Finaly, i tryied to delete htacces, but seo and generetor still working :/

    I cant understand there could be mislay htaccess file?

    Could somebody suggest right way to solve this problem? I searched whole two days in forums, but didn't find answer.

    could be problem, that i'm created clone my site for testing, wich is using the same database???

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