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  1. I had adjust correctly prise ant weight ranges for every carrier as well to solve this issue
  2. Hello guys. This is the way I managed to solve this problem: Symptoms: 1. installation stuck on step 3 (DB connection – OK; Installation progress animation; but no success to move to step 4); 2. my mysql database engine is set to MyISAM; 3. default PS installation engine is selected as InnoDB; Solution: in step 3 choosing MyISAM DB engine helped me successfully move to step 4 Hope my experience will help you.
  3. As well you can edit /modules/editorial/editorial.tpl by removing everythig concering image leaving only: <!-- Module Editorial --> {if $xml->body->$title}{$xml->body->$title|stripslashes}{/if} {if $xml->body->$subheading}{$xml->body->$subheading|stripslashes}{/if} {if $xml->body->$logo_subheading}{$xml->body->$logo_subheading|stripslashes}{/if} {if $xml->body->$paragraph}{$xml->body->$paragraph|stripslashes}{/if} <!-- /Module Editorial -->
  4. E shopo pavadinimo keitimas

    Parduotuvės pavadinimo keitimas: Nustatymai/Meta-Žymės/ taisyti index.php faile laukelį "puslapio pavadinimas"
  5. Check is the country you are from is in allowed list for selling /Admin/Payment - Countries restrictions. Helped me.