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  1. แก้ไม่ได้ครับ ในที่สุดผมต้องลบ Presta ทิ้งไปเลย ลองลงใหม่แล้วก็แก้ปัญหาไม่ได้ เลยตัดสินใจเลิกใช้ Prestashop แล้วเขียนเว็ปขึ้นใหม่เลยครับ ระบบมีปัญหาเยอะมากๆ แล้วก็ไม่มีคนช่วยแก้ไขให้ด้วยครับ
  2. irst of all i need to tell you the problem. the problem was i was using prestashop 1.7.3 for a year without any problem. then from last friday my back office stated to have some problem when i click anything at the back end it will go back to log in page though i can't do anythin then the next day everything on the back end was gone the column and everything gone only have textx left i'd tried to fix it but desperately can't do anything at all until today i decided to uninstall prestashop from the server and reinstall the new version but when i get in to the back end i still got the same problem everytime when i try to click something to set up the website it kept going back to the log in page. what do i need to do? feel so desperate with prestashop. my website have a lot customer come in everyday but now i have to start to do my website all over again but seem to be impossible because i can't really do anything. Should i give up on prestashop and using other platform?
  3. i'd uninstalled prestashop from the server .. and installed 1.7.5 the back end looks seem to be ok but still have some problem everytime when i tried to click on something it will go back to log in page again and again can't really do anything. before i uninstalled the old version i got this problem then the next day the back end turn to be the same as the picture i attached. how do i solve this problem? the other website that i'm working on using prestashop also has the same problem. is it from the system? and how do we fix it?
  4. i'd been having a problem with my back office since last friday. I can't really do anything in my back office at all. I didn't do anything with the setting but in sudden it unusable. first start of with when i get in my back office and try to click on anything it will go back to log in page and after that the menu column are all gone i can see only text. I'd clear cache but it doesn't help try to update the prestashop i can't neither. i'm very frustrating right now don't know what to do and seem noone can help at all. seem like i gonna have to do it all over again but this time i won't use prestashop again cause the system is pretty bad. and i won't recommended anyone to use it too. i'd attached the picture of my back office. this's what it look like on my back office.
  5. ผมมีปัญหาว่าพอ log in เข้าไป back office แล้ว กดอะไรก็จะเด้งออกไป log in page ทำอะไรไม่ได้เลยแบบนี้ต้องแก้ยังไงครับ
  6. the strange thing is 2 of my websites that using prestashop have the same problem can't clicks on anything in the back office cause it will go back to the log in page at all time. what should i do? the other website i'm using prestashop 1.7.3
  7. i'd try to clear cache by go to performance but everytime when i tried to click anything it will go to log in page and i can't do anything at all. seem like i can't do anything with the back office at all
  8. i just updated mysite to 1.7.5 .0 Could you please guide me how to clear cache on the serve. I'm a beginner and don't know much about how to. please please please
  9. I’d try to check my order and fixing something on my website but it’s keep going back to log in page can’t do anything at all
  10. สวัสดีครับ ผมมีปัญหากับเวปของผมครับ ลงรูปสินค้าตามระบบ ถ้าแสดงผลเป็นภาษาอังกฤษ ทุกอย่างทำงานปกติ แต่พอเป็นภาษาไทย หน้า Home ภาพสินค้าขึ้นปกติ แต่พอกดเข้าไปที่รูปสินค้า จะขึ้น Page not found แบบนี้ต้องแก้ยังไงครับ
  11. I’d set up the website using Prestashop 1.7.3 in English everything seem to work just fine but when I switch to Thai language and click in to the product the page show page not found. How could I fix this problem. My domain is www.buddyfootwear.com
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