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  1. Witaj, w klasie ObjectModel.php odszukaj akapit // Checking for required fields, tam możesz zmienić szyk tego komunikatu. Możesz też zrobić override dla tej klasy, tak aby po aktualizacji nie utracić wymaganego efektu.
  2. displayHeader() and displayFooter() are deprecated functions in 1.5. Try to put that code into initContent() function. Tested and it works.
  3. Hi, go to "cache" directory and delete class_index.php file, it will be rebuild during page refreshing.
  4. Try this: {if isset ($product.manufacturer_name)}<h3><a href="{$link->getmanufacturerLink($product.id_manufacturer, $product.id_manufacturer)}" title="{$product.manufacturer_name}">{$product.manufacturer_name}</a></h3>{/if}
  5. Hi, you can do it with css, try something like this: #search .price, #search .ajax_add_to_cart_button {display:none !important;}
  6. BO>preferences>seo&url's, you can put in domain your IP for example, check your firewall settings
  7. that's not good solution because there is a bug. Please look at this topic and try my hint http://www.prestasho...ost__p__1003992
  8. did you make translation for default theme and now want to add it to custom one?
  9. Hi KamranMK, please note that translation will be applied to future orders. Payment method name is stored in database and you can't change it simply for past orders in BO.
  10. Hi mbegunok, check if any file is formatted UTF8 with BOM or check this topic http://www.prestasho...ost__p__1037040
  11. Hi Kildar, at this moment I can see that slider is available on all sites (should be only on homepage) and size of images in slider is a little big (over 100KB each banner). There is also connection error with yontoo service.
  12. BO>administration>employees, choose your user and edit (but English language has to be active)
  13. check this http://forge.prestas...owse/PSCFV-4208 maybe it helps
  14. maybe I didn't understand you clearly. You want to change language for your BO, right?
  15. Hi gadgetpro, as I suppose your problem occurs only with Norwegian language, try this solution http://www.prestasho...ost__p__1037040
  16. Hi, easiest way is to add/update language in BO>translations
  17. Hi, are you sure there are all needed directories and files in PS directory? Check if exist shop.php in classes/shop directory?
  18. Hi again, I'm also not familiar with that case but I found script may help you. Place it in your PS directory and execute by browser. bom.php
  19. go to admin directory/tabs and open AdminCms.php. About line 295 find and delete or comment out Tools::redirectAdmin($currentIndex.'&id_cms_category='.(int)$cms->id_cms_category.'&conf='.(int)($cms->id ? 3 : 4).'&token='.Tools::getAdminTokenLite('AdminCMSContent')); and add Tools::redirectAdmin($currentIndex.'&id_cms='.(int)$cms->id.'&updatecms&token='.Tools::getAdminTokenLite('AdminCMSContent')); Let me know if it works.
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