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  1. Hi, Yes, the whole operation can be made with the phpMyAdmin. In mine looks like in the screen - sorry for the polish, but in english it should look quite similar. Just open your PS DB, and find ps_access table. In column 'actions' (polish 'działanie') there shoud be icon 'delete' (polish 'usuń') Then click 'Import' on the top menu, then 'choose file' ('wybierz plik'), and then click 'preform' ('wykonaj')
  2. I've checked the "incognito" mode, I've also cleaned cahe and cookies in my browser - still access denied. I've made some kind of an experiment. I've kept my dev stores filesystem on server, but I've cleared DB and restore it with the one from clean Presta. Now I can get to Order and see first example orders from John Doe... I believe this means that the issue reason is in DB. Have you got any idea where to look for it? EDIT: Problem Solved! I've restored 'my' DB, removed 'ps_access' table, and restored 'ps_access' from 'clean' DB. Now it all works fine Thank you guys for help! In attachement there is 'ps_access' table from clean DB - in the case if someone would need it in the future ps_access.sql.gz
  3. My server is following the requirements (I've changed PHP 7.0 to 7.2 - error is still comming). Edit: I would also like to add, that new clean installation of Presta is working ok - I'm able to reach BO corners that are unavailable in dev store installation.
  4. Hi, I have just made an upgrade of development copy of my store via 1-Click upgrade from (to Currently I'm getting "Access denied" error when I try to open: Orders > Orders Discounts > Catalog Price Rules Customers > Customers Stats Shipping > Preferences International > Localization > Localization Shop Parameters > Order Settings > Order Settings Shop Parameters > Customer Settings > Titles Shop Parameters > Contact > Stores What coud be the problem? How to fix it?
  5. Pozwolę się podłączyć, bo problem mam dokładnie ten sam... Czy mógłbym prosić o podrzucenie rozwiązania? Niestety link z powyższego postu nie działa, a jedyne co znalazłem na forum to informacje, że rozwiązanie znajduje się... w linku z powyższego postu Edit: Do zakładki Zamówienia też nie mam dostępu
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