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  1. Hi Could you explain more detail about adding static components of themes to subdomain? Or will it choose and load automatically and random? Thanks
  2. Hi, Do you have a demo? I still do not see how does it work. If it work well, it will resend the invoice to the customer after customizing the order? Could you explain more detail? Tks and Regards,
  3. Dear tdsoft, Khi update thay đổi shipping cost, thì nó có mail đến customer không bạn nhỉ? Tks
  4. Dear sir/madam, Previous version worked in normal with our configuration. The payment methods is blank but no error We just upgrade from to We tested and had ERROR 500 at the end of Checkout progress We check BO and see Payment warning: "It seems there are no recommended payment solutions for your country" We checked Payment Preferences, it seems no change from old version. All configuration are the samej and config for my country Please see Images Do you know how to fix it? Help us! Best regards,
  5. Tks so much your help it means that I need have the support from theme developer who designs and sell the themes?
  6. Hi, We are trying to web performance with Presta There is a error " The Setting files cannot be overwritten". (Plz see img attached) do have any help? How can we fix this? Tks so much
  7. I saw anywhere that we have to edit in template. But I am not coder.
  8. Hi, Must to edit code for Title,meta for Homepage? Can not do it in Seo&url in BO? tks
  9. Dear all, Do you know where and how can I edit H1 tag of website? I refered that it is page_title of theme, is it right? and how can I edit it? Tks
  10. Hi Jac, is it suitable and well working with presta could you have link of its demo? Best regards
  11. Dear Sirs/madams, I am using PS 1.7.3 and installed Comando SSL on website I just checked ssl then set "SSL Enable" and "active SSL on all pages" But there is only homepage is correctly working, if you come any category or product, it has fault 404 Who know help me solve this problem? How should I fix it? (Please see Image attached) Best regards,
  12. Dear all, I need a Shipping cost module: The cost based on: - Matrix of Iso code (State). From State of Supplier to State of Customer - Weight There is no modules on Addons market can do that. Why? In our country, noone cares zipcode/postalcode, they only know state_name in address. Do you know any module can do like that? Tks,
  13. Delete Order is not good way to do. You can refer the way that delete each by each, instead "vieworder" by "delete order"
  14. Dear all, In back office, if I make new order in "orders" in our Backoffice, make new customer. there is no zip/postcode field. I filled all of its form of address. The end, a fault: "Zip/postcode is required" appears, and I can not make a new customer to make new order. How can I fix it? Tks
  15. Hi, it's so useful module? can it export database that suitable with Vietnamese font? I used to export list of Product by default function of presta and then its font is broken How about your module? tks
  16. Dear, Our system is using Presta 1.7.3 have anyone know to remove {lastname] or remove the "required" of {lastname} in Register Form, Customer form and Address form? Help me solve it! Tks
  17. Hi I have solution but I am not IT technican to do that. Why dont you build a table(for ex: excel...) with row is address of supplier(State) and column is address of customer(State)? (based on Iso table) I think it is so simple with Prestashop expert but there is no one think about that Tks
  18. Hi, If I have a website that is operating with many stores that are over my country if there is a order. How can I config to calculate shipping cost from one of Stores to Address of Customer (based on Iso state)? Tks
  19. Hix, No one can not help me? is it so difficult?
  20. Hi, I am using Pres 1.7.3. I need to insert these information(Supplier_name, mobi phone) to the New_Order email that be sent to admin. I came to International-->>Translation--->> Email (Body), and try to change the HTML file and SAVE But there is nothing change Have anyone could help me? Tks
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