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  1. [Free Module] Hotjar Tracking Code Module

    Hi. Hi. I have installed this module on my site but when I add code and click save, go back to hotjar to check if code is installed, I get notified that tracking is inactive. Do module support prestashop 1.7. version?
  2. Hi. So I need to add hotjar code to my website. I'm using prestashop 1.7. e-commerce. Also have find 2 hotjar modules. So I can install on my site and then just post in hotjar code. But one of them don't support prestashop 1.7. version as I find out later on. So I trying to use a other one who offered by LOGICAL IT. But it doesn't seem that it will work at all. Pls help?
  3. Hi. Please help me resolve small problem. So I wanted set up prestashop ( V 1.7) and when I wanted proceed install, I received this error: (Pls see in pic) Quote:We can't start installation PrestaShop installation requires at least the zip extension to be enabled. You can contact your web host provider to fix theses requirements. So I went to my CP to turn on some ZIP. First I go to php pear packages and zip was installed. ✓ Then I go to php version selector - extensions. And turn ZIP on. ✓ So after I do this fast configuration all should by working but it's showing again and again ZIP error. I'm using googie hosting and 1.7 prestashop version. Current PHP version: 5.3 Googiehost cPanel Version 68.0 (build 28) Apache Version 2.4.29 PHP Version 5.6.33 MySQL Version 5.6.38 Architecturex 86_64 Perl Version 5.10.1