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  1. I used javascript for this though I did not want to
  2. Maybe there is another solution to make it work.
  3. the same as with my code the first time the post does not catch up to action
  4. Your code is to be in init function controller yes? I can not find controller for layout-left-column.tpl. Can I add a second one? Sorry im new in presta
  5. ok i have now in php public static function PriceFilter() { $cena1 = $_POST['price1']; $cena2 = $_POST['price2']; return '2-strona-glowna?q=Cena-zł-'.$cena1.'-'.$cena2.''; } tpl <form action="{WszystkieProduktyControllerCore::PriceFilter()}" id="layered_form" method="post"> <div class="filtr-od"> od <input name="price1" value="50" class="inputek layered_price_range layered_input_range_min layered_input_range form-control grey" id="layered_price_range_min" type="text"></input> <span class="layered_price_range_unit"> zł </span> </div> <div class="strzalka-filtr-cena"></div> <div class="filtr-do"> do <input name="price2" value="200" class="inputek layered_price_range layered_input_range_max layered_input_range form-control grey" id="layered_price_range_max" type="text"></input> <span class="layered_price_range_unit"> zł </span> </div> <span class="layered_price_format" style="display:none;"> 2 </span> </div> <div class="szukajka"> <input class="btn btn-primary fa fa-filter" type="submit" value="Filtruj"/> </div> </form> but action from form not working at firs time. This is code for filter price.
  6. Hello !!! How to get variable from input dynamically in smarty. THX
  7. Hi ! I need a variable for each product(shipping price) to add to the cms page.
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