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  1. I have tried Friendly urls in SEO&URLS turning on and off. When viewing the product in the back end I can see the image, but once I go to edit the product, it's blank. When viewing the product on the front end, there is no image. URL for mini image in product list in the back end it Screenshots below and original image to be uploaded. Can anyone please advise me. Thank you in advance.
  2. I have used the one click to upgrade my shop to the latest version, I have run into the following problem. Please view https://www.kentishembroidery.co.uk/admin5689vf0fn/ I asked the module to disable all non native modules before upgrading, so I am not sure whats going on. Cheers for any and all help Cheers Glyn
  3. I have done so, didn't realize I could do that. Thanks
  4. If I can get the modules working, there would be no need to upgrade, as I don't know how many of my modules I have installed will work with the latest version. I would rather have confidence with what I have here now before I commit to the next version of PrestaShop.
  5. is my current version. I am having too many problems with modules not working, for example the Loyalty and rewards module, it's not showing correctly in the front end by the customer. The customer is getting points added to their accounts, yet can't see the vouchers. I will attach screenshots for evidence and for a possible answer. Can someone please help. www.kentishembroidery.co.uk Cheers Glyn
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