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  1. My multi-vendor store is using a lot of modules plus a decent amount of customization. I have left the theme with the PS look as I think it works nicely. https://digitalassetmarket.me Feedback and suggestions are welcome.
  2. Thanks. I had been being to get CF working but wasn't sure how to do it. I ended up following these steps since I have Centos 6 and cPanel: http://www.yogsays.com/install-easyapache-4-cloudflare-module-cpanel/
  3. The header hook function was not registered as Knowband Plugins indicated. Thanks for the help.
  4. That didn't work either. I put die; in the header and nothing happens so I don't think it's being called. I get it to work by putting it under parent::__construct(); I cannot understand what I'm doing wrong.
  5. Is there anything else you need to do besides using: $this->context->controller->addCSS($this->_path . 'views/css/XXX.css'); I have this in my hook function and I have my hook working but cannot get the css or js.
  6. I installed PS and kept getting logged out of the backend with CF enabled. Weird.
  7. $link->getPageLink is not working with quickview (product popup) on the PS1.7.4.1. Is this a bug?
  8. Hopefully you will see the fallacy with obfuscated code but I'm not holding my breath. I would also like to let people know that using this module will affect how the AdminCP works with products. If you make changes to a vendors product using the AdminCP it will change the store to be the sites for the product and ruin it from my experience. I'll try to document as many issues I come across to help everyone.
  9. So to add my modification I have to use $RB0D5D47F3D2E32A124C14253ABA3976A in agilemultipleseller/AgileSellerPaymentInfo,php and add to the array $definition. No notes are added in the code either. See how difficult this code is to work with I will post updates as I work on this code
  10. If you don't want duplicate tags with groups enabled then you will need to override the getMainTags. In override/classes I created a Tag.php file and have <?php /** * Class TagCore */ class Tag extends TagCore { /** * Get main tags * * @param int $idLang Language ID * @param int $nb number * * @return array|false|mysqli_result|null|PDOStatement|resource */ public static function getMainTags($idLang, $nb = 10) { $context = Context::getContext(); return Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->executeS(' SELECT t.name, counter AS times FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'tag` t LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'tag_count` pt ON (t.id_tag = pt.id_tag) WHERE pt.id_group = 0 AND pt.`id_lang` = '.(int) $idLang.' AND pt.`id_shop` = '.(int) $context->shop->id.' ORDER BY times DESC LIMIT '.(int) $nb); } } removed /app/cache/prod/class_index.php for the override to work
  11. I had to unjumble the code myself to find the obfuscated variable and function since you never wrote me back. I wrote: This is one of the problems I'm trying to get across with obfuscated code. I cannot tell you what files will be needed without first having them unjumbled to read the logic. As a developer you have to unjumble the files yourself or wait for you maybe to help or not then request files (which I'm not sure how you expect people to know) that you might give or not. So in my case I requested to have the module unobfuscated then denied, I provided what I'm doing so you can send the files then never heard back. So now I cannot program without unjumbling the code myself and working variable name obfuscated. Inconvenient and inefficient to say the least.
  12. I told you I wanted to add payment options for products, sent an example of the function is will need to be working with (I found after unjumbling the code does involve the function seller_payment_uses and $R01787CB5A57D47DC8A648998E4A6512C - instead of named agilepaymentmodules) but you never wrote back. Trying to dig through obfuscated code to tell you what files are required is really difficult and inefficient. Names of some variables, functions, and object make no sense and code is jumbled. The code at least has to be unjumbled to start following to tell you what files are need and you are still have will nasty looking names. I just think people really need to understand what they are buying and how difficult it will be to work with later. This is a big downside to these modes with no benefit IMO to your company either if it's to protect against piracy. It's just a shame that this really ruins working with this code. So unless you need some features that these modules offer over something else then buy an open project. Even if these modules offer something you need you need to weigh the closed code vs open to see if it's worth it. It might be easy to edit the open code to get what you want. Not everyone wants to use these modules as is.
  13. This is just a warning to anyone expecting to make changes to these modules, they are obfuscated and getting the files unobfuscated is a pain. The developer is not open with giving the code as stated when selling them, shame on them!!!! Look elsewhere so you are not stuck with modules. There are other options so let me know if you need help finding something else.
  14. That is much better. Thanks for posting it
  15. No problem. I have not created a module for your particular case but did modify my pricing. I was lazy and just added the modification directly to the prestashop Product.php (?) file. Maybe I'll add it to a module later. It seems like you would be better off paying for Prestools because they have what you want already setup and you are using the free version. I would support the developer.
  16. Thanks for posting this. You saved me a lot of time. I still uninstalled all my modules and shit trying to get webservice to work.
  17. I cannot get past the authentication. Has anyone else had this issue? I have cURL and rewrite URL enabled. I created a key (everything checked)and just enter it for the username. According to guide I shouldn't have to do anything else. http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Web+service+one-page+documentation Here is the solution and can someone add it to the guide? https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/599302-api-authentication-with-plesk/
  18. This site worked for me. http://unminify.com/
  19. I did the same. Maybe in the future I will decide to do this upgrade when I have time to edit the theme with all my changes.
  20. I won my case and was refunded by Paypal. Buyer beware!!!
  21. Disabling all the modules and not updating the theme worked to do the upgrade but the theme does need to be updated for the site to look right. This seems like a major upgrade so be prepared!
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