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  1. I had exactly the same error, moreover after I clicked Revert everything stopped working (shop&admin) so I ended up with manual restore... PS: This shop was recently installed PS 1.7 without any 3rd party plugins, just with few products added.
  2. Hi, is it possible to add support for editing Supplier Reference (for products)? There is possible to edit only Reference...
  3. Problém je v tom, že ve verzi 1.5 se změnila spousta věcí, hlavně v databázi, takže xml export z 1.4 fungovat bez radikálních změn nebude. Navíc 1.5 má podporu více shopů, takže tím se ještě více vše komplikuje. Já akorát dokončuji export pro 1.5 s podporou multistore a můžu potvrdit, že zavedením podpory více shopů a rozšířenou skladovou evidencí se opravdu vše hooodně zkomplikovalo
  4. Takže jsem to ještě překontroloval a modul bohužel není kompatibilní s PS 1.5.3... Kdo máte 1.5.2 raději ještě nedělejte upgrade.
  5. Tak mám dost podobný problém (jsem na 1.5.3, multistore). Objednávka se vytvoří, ale nebsahuje žádné zboží.... a skončí se s prázdnou stránkou na www.eshop.cz/module/cashondelivery/validation. Přestalo to fungovat po upgrade na
  6. V tom pripade se podivej na canin.sk - tam najdes moznost si primo tento modul koupit od autora. Sam ho mam uz nejakej rok a maximalni spokojenost...
  7. Hi, my tips: In PS: In performance settings: Force Compile OFF, Cache ON, Use cache: Memcached. On server: install APC for php bytecode caching, install MemCached for query caching, optimize MySQL settings - use as much memory as you can afford, use INNODB. Regarding Static HTML Cache module - yes it could work (have not tested this module), full page caching modules are available also for Magento, which is even slower compared to Prestashop, and it really works fine (you get full page in less then one second). But i'd be a bit afraid how it will cache non-ajax blocks in prestashop (eg. Last products,...) - ask author of the module whether modules(blocks) you need work or not.
  8. JACKRABBIT: Jenže hned v prvním příspěvku autor píše, že potřebuje něco pro v1.4 a že na broucek-beruska mají filtr právě jen do v1.3. Jinak akorát jsem přesně to samé nedávno dělal pro jednoho klienta a musíš si pohrát s modulem blocklayered - musel jsem přidat hook pro zavěšení nad zboží a upravit css aby se vše vypisovalo pěkně vedle sebe.
  9. Akorat jsem to včera pro jednoho klienta opravoval... najdi si v hlavním php (oprava je jak pro modul dotaz na zbozi, tak pro dotaz na lepsi cenu... najdi si řádek co začíná na: if (Mail::Send((int)($cookie->id_lang), 'askmoreinfo', $subject, $templateVars, Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_EMAIL'), NULL, a nahraď ho: if (Mail::Send((int)($cookie->id_lang), 'askmoreinfo', $subject, $templateVars, Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_EMAIL'), NULL, ($cookie->email ? $cookie->email : Tools::safeOutput($email)), ($cookie->customer_firstname ? $cookie->customer_firstname.' '.$cookie->customer_lastname : NULL), NULL, NULL, dirname(__FILE__).'/mails/')) jinak opravou je tato část: ($cookie->email ? $cookie->email : Tools::safeOutput($email)
  10. Hi Carl, now when i try to search any 3 char word it's ok. But now when i try to search for any 2 words - eg: import products : One or all of your search keywords were below 2 characters or you searched for words which are not allowed, such as 'html', 'img', etc, please increase the length of these search keywords or choose different keywords. PS: What happened to svn.prestashop.com/branches? Since yesterday i have no access to svn 1.5 (Forbidden / You don't have permission to access /branches on this server.)
  11. Hello Carl, you wrote, that you have enabled 3-chars words, but have you tried to search any 3-char words?? Always the same result: No results found for 'xml'. No results found for 'csv'. ... etc ...
  12. Layered Navigation module? (dafault PrestaShop module)
  13. Ahoj, najdi si v modules/homefeatured soubor homefeatured.php a v něm řádek: $products = $category->getProducts((int)($params['cookie']->id_lang), 1, ($nb ? $nb : 10)); nahraď řádkem: $products = $category->getProducts(intval($params['cookie']->id_lang), 1, ($nb ? $nb : 10), NULL, NULL, false, true, true, ($nb ? $nb : 10));
  14. Base shipping on weight, to all products set weight = 1 and then simply create appropriate shipping price ranges.
  15. And have you checked "I agree to the above terms and conditions."? After checking the box you should be able to continue. Regarding green background - it's new installer, so there shouldn't be green background
  16. Hi Baz, i'm just finishing store on 1.4.3/1.4.4, where i imported over 10000 products and over 500 categories, this customer has really cheap hosting ($2/month) and without memcached and any optimizations it now shows all pages within 3secs. Most shops i've done before are running on my VPS with some server side optimizations and with 5000 products page load times are cca. 1-2 secs. I've been also developing shop in magento, and it's impossible to get these load times without fullpage caching. I can send you link to PS site, where are over 20000 products, running on VPS with load times <2s. So if you are running your site on dedicated server, and you have problem with load times, you should check all PS caching features, install MemCached and APC. Regarding errors during upgrade - i agree that i also noticed some mysql errors during upgrade, but finaly it always worked fine. Regarding multistores and big companies - there is big difference what one means with big/bigger companies - i'm sorry, that i used this term, i was meaning mid size companies with cca.50-200 employees. For example www.envirosax.com use Magento multistore as they have more languages on different domains. As you mentioned ikea: http://www.ikea.com/cz/ http://www.ikea.com/pl/ http://www.ikea.com/sk/ ... etc... multistore? You also metioned Mark and Spencer - check some european sites: http://www.marks-and-spencer.cz/ http://www.marks-and-spencer.sk/ http://www.marks-and-spencer.pl/ ... etc.. all on the same IP address... multistore? Tesco (Czech republic and Slovakia): http://www.itesco.cz/ http://www.itesco.sk/ same IP address... multi site? The other companies you mentioned are not operating in my country, so i don't know. All bigger companies use dedicated servers and if it's not enough they simply create server cloud... It's IMHO easier to implement new feature in one multistore/multisite than implementing it into 20 identical sites with only different data. As i regulary check pretashop SVN, i can say they are making a lot of optimizations and as you may have noticed in just released 1.4.4 there is implemented new automatic upgrade feature - so you'll update your site in just one click With one click rollback. Moreover, they also implemented dynamic categories in BO (so no more endless scrolling on product pages when you have eg.500 categories). All these features are now also merged in 1.5 branch, so i can only say GO PRESTA TEAM GO! On the other side, you are right there are some features missing - i personaly still miss order editor (it's only available as paid third party module), automated CSV/XML import based on reference... Regarding the last question - yes i'd prefere multistore as most of my customers would love to use it.
  17. How many of you beefing about multistore feature have checked 1.5 SVN or alpha? I'm eagerly awaiting 1.5 final and checking SVN progress... There will be really no difference for a single store except one new tab in BO. Most starting businesses are fine with single store, but IMHO once you start to grow, you'll need more flexibility. Most bigger companies i created website for, asked me if it's possible to create more shops sharing the same stock - wholesale shops with only selected product, multi mall capability, etc. With the need of stock sync across all eshops, most big(ger) companies went with Magento. But since Magento is real resource hog and total mess of thousands files, and much more expensive addons, more and more companies are searching for an alternative... this is IMHO great chance for prestashop. There is simply no other actively developed Open Source choice (with real company behind) for bigger companies available. Some of you mentioned OpenCart, but it's developed by only one developer, and supported only by third party companies. BTW have you ever checked Magento? Magento is in my opinion the only real competitor to PS. Magento is able to handle multiple stores since it's first version, and that's probably why so many really big companies used their solution. You simply need to understand that most of "home eshops" won't use this feature, but also won't bring PS any money. But a lot of bigger companies would use this feature - and some of these companies would also need support - and this is simply where the money are. Some of you mentioned that there will be compatibility problem with current modules in new version - this problem was in all major releases 1.1>1.2>1.3>1.4... As some of you mentioned creating fork of single store version - have you ever worked in any IT dev company? Creating fork would only take a lot of man hours and slow down the development, as devs would need to distribute all code changes to both versions - do you really want this? Also by creating fork there would rise a need of releasing two versions of all modules... (All this whining about multistore feature somehow reminds me a lot of "petitions" against new look of facebook. :-)
  18. Hi, have anyone found solution for wrong url problem? I have uninstalled Canonical URL module, but problem is still present... The solution with "\\" is also not ok, because this links to "another page".
  19. Není zač. Jinak vzhledem k formulaci věty o kompatibilitě se starším PS, nakonec stejně nevím jestli tedy modul 1.6 je nebo není kompatibilní s PS 1.3 (spíše to vyznívá že ne).
  20. PS 1.4 budu nasazovat jednomu zákazníkovi až ve verzi 1.4.1, která by měla vyjít 20.4., právě kvůli spustě malých chyb v PS Kde byly hlášeny i nějaké chyb v cachování, tak snad po aktualizaci to bude v pořádku. Jinak zkoušel jsi vypínat jednotlivé cache a kontrolovat, která to dělá? Smarty cache / File System cache / Memcached?
  21. Zkoušel jsi vypnout Smarty Force Compile, zapnout Smarty Cache (Preferences > Performance), doinstalovat a zapnout Memcached (anebo minimálně File System cache), APC? Jinak dle mých zkušeností patří PS mezi eshopy s minimálním zatížením serveru. Bez problému ti pojede skoro na každém hostingu - narozdíl od např. Magenta... Jestli ti i pak bude něco běhat pomalu, pak hledej problém v nastavení svého apache/php a mysql. Sám mám PS 1.4 SVN na localhostu pod WAMPem a s ukázkovými daty odezva na libovolnou stránku cca. 1sekunda, pro ladění modulů a themes samozřejmě budeš muset cache vypnout a dostaneš se na cca. 4sekundy.
  22. Zdravím GoPay, proč máte na stránkách stále poslední verzi modulu ve verzi 1.5, když tady na fóru je už celkem dlouho verze 1.6? Jinak funguje verze 1.6 i v PS 1.3.x?
  23. Ahoj, na propojení používám vlastní skript, který exportuje XML pro pohodu a CSV pro poštovní SW. Pohoda stejně jako většina ostatních účetních SW podpoporuje XML import/export - popis najdeš na http://www.stormware.cz/xml/
  24. Ahoj, daňovou evidenci nevedeme - vedeme účetnictví. Každý den exportujeme objednávky do pohody a poštovního software. Všechno zboží máme pod stejnými skladovými kódy jak v eshopu, tak v pohodě, takže jakmile importujeme objednávky, automaticky se nám vytvoří faktury, jejichž číslování je stejné jako na eshopu - s tím, že na eshopu nikde zákazníci faktury nenajdou, používáme jen jejich čísla pro naši orientaci. Při importu se automaticky sníží příslušné skladové položky v pohodě. Trošku nepříjemné je, že jakmile dorazí nové zboží musí se udělat příjemka v účetním SW a poté i v PS. Každopádně pokud nevedeš skladovou evidenci, tak s tím osobně zkušenosti nemám, ale myslím, že ti odpadne spousta komplikací se skladovými kartami. Jinak pro jednoho zákazníka co má kamenou prodejnu a zároveň i velkoobchod (vede daňovou evidenci a sklady) budu dělat aplikaci pro import/export zboží/objednávek a synchronizaci skladů do money S3, nejspíš to potom překopu i pro sebe do pohody - bude to dost extrémní napojení, protože navíc používá víc cenových hladin a prodává i věci, které nikdy fyzicky na skladě neměl a skladové kódy v daňové evidenci nepoužíval.
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