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  1. php version is causing a lot of strange things but for this problem is responsible the payment module . I have spoke to my programmer of the module and he is preparing an update because of the extra security .
  2. i think the problem is with MASTERCARD and a new 2 factor transaction mode call ''Mastercard® Identity Check™''. If you can test your modules with VISA cards you want have a problem .Because i have the same issue .Looking for sollution
  3. also me too at prestashop all good but when you are after the adresses at the cart you cant select shipping because of an error.
  4. it s google module for extra security at registration of the accounts.Also use debug mode ,you will find it at advance parameters- perfomance menu,
  5. do you have recatcha module configure in your prestashop installation? In mine case that was the problem because it wasnt congigure the module and with debug mode the problem was found
  6. Εμεις απο την αρχη θεωρούμε ξεχωριστα προϊόντα όταν αλλάζουν χρώμα και τα περναμε ετσι και δεν υπαρχει θεμα .Μιας και το barcode ειναι διαφορετικο εαν αλλαζει χρωμα
  7. Δοκιμασες να μπεις στις μεταφρασεις αλλά όχι στο module στο καλαθι αγορων που φαινεται το παλιο και κοιταξε εκει μηπως το βρεις
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