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  1. I have to admit that I didn't know this. So, if it works fine, then there is no point to move data to clean installations of 1.7.5 after upgrade from (using PS upgrade module), right ?
  2. hi, @Muluku I use this script to transfer business data from 1.6.x to 1.7.x But I wonder how you are gong to upgrade ps to 1.7.x ?
  3. You do not need to use $this->context->controller->errors[] = $this->l('Incorrect city'); Look at native validation part of code: if (($postcode = $this->getField('postcode'))) { if ($postcode->isRequired()) { $country = $this->formatter->getCountry(); if (!$country->checkZipCode($postcode->getValue())) { $postcode->addError($this->translator->trans('Invalid postcode - should look like "%zipcode%"', array('%zipcode%' => $country->zip_code_format), 'Shop.Forms.Errors')); $is_valid = false; } } } By using method "addError" on specific form field, you can display error comment under each field. And then, if you want NOT to save the form, your "hookActionValidateCustomerAddressForm" have to return 0 - zero.
  4. Hi ! I also confirm, that script from @musicmaster works as a great tool to transfer all business data from PS 1.6 to PS !!!! My additional tips / things to do: - update PS 1.6.x to the newest ver. by 1-click updater (remeber to disable all non-native modules) and overrides. - mysql configuration: disable NO_ZERO_DATE and NO_ZERO_IN_DATE set secure-file-priv = "[your_base_path]/prestoolssuite/" - add php command to ob_flush(); and flush(); to copy_shopdata.php file, to get immadiely information if some process stucks. - after all , run mysql command on new shop: UPDATE `ps_product` SET `state`= 1 - update cookie keys from old to new shop - just like @DragoshDX suggest. Thank you guys for such great tools and help !
  5. Here is paid, but very qiuck solution http://shop.azymo.pl/gb/modules/8-force-attribute-choose-for-products-ps-17.html
  6. Hi, if you still need this feature, we have such module here: http://shop.azymo.pl/gb/modules/8-force-attribute-choose-for-products-ps-17.html
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