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  1. Does anyone know of a reason? I would love to use prestashop for my new store, I think the back office design is magnificent, but if I can't manage to fix this problem I will be trying magento next.
  2. As far as I know I am entering everything correctly. Upon trying to save a new product, I get the message: “1 error an error occurred while creating object product” I am not told why I am getting this error. I searched through these forums and found one other people who received this message. They had a problem when updating their prestashop, but I believe I have the latest version. I prepared for an update following the steps in the wiki for updating, but then I realized I had 1.0.0 and there was nothing to update to. I need to have this store up and running asap, but without being able to save products I'm stuck here. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jon
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