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  1. Help needed with recieving e-mails

    its even worse, after testing i found that no emails from the contactform are being send, its broken i think probably a module screwed it up.
  2. Help needed with recieving e-mails

    like someone already adviced, talk to your hosting provider and they installed php imap in a second. But i run into another problem, no message (like succesfully send email) is shown after the form has been send. can somebody help me or point me in the right direction? thx ! claudia
  3. Hello prestashop experts, I`m trying to recieve e-mail in prestashop but i get the error, imap not installed on this server. there are a lot of topics about this but it doesnt have any answers i can use, besides install imap or ask your webhoster. i can send mails with php-mailer or smtp, both work, no problem... do i really need IMAP to recieve emails ? or will smtp also work ? if smtp can be used, do i (just) put the smtp setting in the IMAP fields? using the latest 1.6 version many thanks in advance! Claudia ps if only IMAP can be used, what do i need to install ?
  4. After fiddling around 2 evenings and posting my help question here, it seems its solved. after disabling/enabling "catalog" in the left menu" the "show all" button works! i dont know how, im not an expert or developer, but this solved it, in my test and prod. enviroment.
  5. Hello Everybody, Since a couple of days i noticed that when i go to "new products" page and press the "show all" button, it sends me to the homepage and doesnt show all "new products". Pressing the page buttons, that are shown below, works fine, it goes to page 2, 3, etc. It did work... Does somebody have a clue how i can solve this ? Or send me in the direction to look for ? MANY thanks in advance!! Clau ps I`m running the latest PS 1.6 version with the "blocknewproducs" module installed. PPS resetting and/or un - installing the module didn`t solve it.
  6. Hello all, Could somebody tell me, how to remove / hide the subcatagory name under the subcategory that is displayed after a category is clicked. (from the homepage) The images i`m using also have the subcategory name in it. The (subcategory) images should stay "clickable" Many thanks in advance! btw i`m using