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  1. Change original .tpl through module

    Yes, I need to edit the .tpl file that is part of the prestashop through the module. Specifically, hide the gender field of the customer. How can I do it? How can I create child theme in module?
  2. Hello all, I'm a newcomer to this forum. I have some basic piece of code my first module, which has the ability to enable / disable the display of the title in the customer account registration. Switching the hide option in the administration works. However, my question of her: How do I modify the original prestashop file order-opc-new-account.tpl for hide this code from the form called from my module without modifying original files? <div class="required clearfix gender-line"> <label>{l s='Social title'}</label> {foreach from=$genders key=k item=gender} <div class="radio-inline"> <label for="id_gender{$gender->id_gender}" class="top"> <input type="radio" name="id_gender" id="id_gender{$gender->id_gender}" value="{$gender->id_gender}"{if isset($smarty.post.id_gender) && $smarty.post.id_gender == $gender->id_gender || (isset($guestInformations) && $guestInformations.id_gender == $gender->id_gender)} checked="checked"{/if} /> {$gender->name}</label></div> {/foreach} </div> through a module based on ORDERS_SOCIALTITLE boolean, which will be TRUE Code: https://pastebin.com/raw/km42mJv6 Sorry for my bad english, thanks!