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  1. Olá, por um acauso o produto em questão possui atributos, combinações? Em alguns casos são as imagens das combinações que se sobrepõe...
  2. Não, mas vou atualizar este post, entre hoje e amanhã eu já subo uma versão compatível 1.5/1.6, só o tempo para testar.
  3. And if you change the default carrier? I mean, switch to one that has the lowest starting price ?!
  4. Hello, I have a carrier which uses the extracarrier hook and it worked very well in previous versions of PS (< 1.5). Once an extra carrier does not create a delivery option and / or does not need ranges, this carrier or do not appear on the list of carriers or it is not processed in orders creation: So, the problems are: 1. If there is no regular carrier that needs ranges, the extra carrier do not appear in the carriers list. 2. If the extra carrier use ranges, it will appear twice, as extra and no extra carrier. 3. If the extra carrier creates a delivery option, it will appear twice, as extra and no extra carrier. 3. The hook extra carrier only is called if a delivery option is set. I managed to make it work replacing some functions of the cart class and Carrier class: - getDeliveryOptionList; - getDeliveryAddressesWithoutCarriers; - getDeliveryOption; - getIdCarrierFromDeliveryOption; - getPackageList; - getPackageShippingCost; - getCarriersForOrder and - getAvailableCarrierList; I wonder if there is a simpler way to make a carrier in extra hook carrier be processed without having to override all of these functions .. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  5. Only trough the Hook extra carrier it is possible. And it is hard to deal with it on ps v1.6, and the carrier does not appear if there isn't other active regular carrier and if there is no delivery list...
  6. For me, this message always occurs when I have only one product in the category page: Warning: vsprintf() [function.vsprintf]: Too few arguments in /home/myshop/classes/Translate.php on line 241 So I wonder why?
  7. - Vous devez soumettre de nouveau les fichiers de ce module sur votre serveur.
  8. I had similar problem, but with the creation of vouchers during the choice of payment method, the only solution I found was to make the page to refresh. Without that vouchers were not validated together with the order.
  9. For payment modules, I use this style directly on payment_execution.tpl file: {literal} <style type="text/css"> #module-yourmodule-payment #left_column, #module-yourmodule-payment #right_column {display:none} #module-yourmodule-payment #center_column{width:100%} </style> {/literal} This way,both columns.are diabled.
  10. I managed to solve my problem. In my shop was not showing the postcode, country and state fields, so I edited the address layout of my country, adding these fields and everything was fixed.
  11. Just to bump this old thread, but i had the same problem and I solved it by correcting the base url. The shop was in a folder and the base url was just "/" instead of "/shop/".
  12. Pois é, abrir um ticket pode resolver isso ou pelo menos te orientar melhor.
  13. ini_set('memory_limit', '512M'); no arquivo config/config.inc.php talvez resolva..., é a solução tipica caso o servidor deixe mudar estas configurações.
  14. Nada, geralmente houve alguma falha, mesmo que pequena e o módulo de upgrade pensa que deve restaurar a sua loja para a versão anterior á atualização. Aconteceu comigo algumas vezes, ms na etapa final, ou seja, a loja já estava atualizada então, assim apenas atualizei a página e entrei na loja. Agora, se for nas etapas iniciais... é melhor acompanhar o fórum inglês porque pode ser que mais lojistas tenham experimentado este tipo de erro...
  15. Default, as traduções se refletem no tema padrão do PrestaShop, PRS050101, refletem no tema PRS050101.
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