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  1. Hi, SLick_303 Issue solved. I wasn't updating currency rates automatically, and in fact I didn't know that that possibility was available (the "please install the cronjobs..." notification wasn't visible in my interface). So, I've installed the Cron Tasks Manager module and it's working fine now. Thank you a lot for your help, João P.S.: If you don't mind if I ask you, do you know if clients will pay in their currency or otherwise they pay in my shop default currency regardless of the currency they choose to view the prices? TY again.
  2. Hi, I work for a portuguese company and we're starting to sell to other countries including some outside of EU (countries with other currencies than Euro). Of course, we'd prefer that visitors from these countries could check prices in their own currency, for instance swedish visitors checking it in SEK. Now, I've tried International/Settings/Currencies (defining the ones we want and make them active) but I'm facing two issues: 1- Rates aren't accurate (updated?...) 2- Even if we accept the minor differences in rates, the prices aren't converting well. For instance, a product that costs 10Eur (ten) should be around 100Sek (one hundred) but it converts to 10Sek (ten). Maybe it's my "newbiness" with PrestaShop settings, but... would someone be so nice and try to help me figuring out the whats and whys, please? Thank you in advance for any kind of help, Our store: http://www.artefita.pt/store PS version: Theme: Classic TY, João
  3. P.S.: Other than using an addon, would there be a way to achieve what I want, is it possible that I'm missing some basic PS settings? (I'm not a very experienced PS user...) TY
  4. Thank you. I'll dig a bit deeper into that and try to find one that suits what i need.
  5. Hi, We're a portuguese store, we're beginning to sell for some non EU countries, which means that some custom fees aply on top ot VAT taxes. We would like to add this as a line that shows in the final invoice, along with product price, VAT, and delivery cost. Notes: 1- Custom fees vary depending on the order value; 2- Our delivery price varies depending on the order weight. So, we're looking for a clean way to implement this... an addon, most likely. (?) Thank you in advance for any kind of help, Our store: http://www.artefita.pt/store PS version: Theme: Basic TY, João
  6. Resultou comigo: (2017) - Arredondar para longe do zero… (recomendado) - Arredondar em cada linha - 2 casas decimais
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