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  1. Hoi, ik heb dit probleem op de live api van Mollie (v4.2.2), zeer irritant. Het wordt onoverzichtelijk wat er betaald is en wat niet, want de geanulleerde bestelling wordt gewoon doorgezet alszijnde betaald in Prestashop. Is hier een oplossing voor? Prestashop Kiona
  2. Hi, The short description is shown in the related categories, that doesn't seem nice. Is there a way to disable this? https://valkenet.com/7/index.php?id_product=33&id_product_attribute=0&rewrite=adobe-creative-cloud&controller=product Using Bizkick as theme Prestashop: thanks already Kiona
  3. HI. I'm trying to figure out where I can let customers/guest fill in theire phonenumber when the ordering. But in the Back-end I can't find it. There is no setting for this in the Settings-customer. Can anyone help me? Thanks already PrestaShop-version: Winkel-URL: http://demeulen.com/winkel/ Used theme: sp_furnicom17
  4. Hi there, I'm trying to reach the shopping carts Sell - Orders - Shopping Carts. I get the next message see attachment. I don't understand this problem, please help? Thanks already Kiona
  5. Hi NemoPS, Thanks for your answer. I don't have a mod secutity plugin in cPanel. I put it in in to the .htaccess file. But that doesn't make any difference. What i do see now is that the shop is working in the browser Safari. Firefox and Chrome is given the error message. I emptied the cache, cleaned the browsers restarted the browser, nothing helped. Any other idea? Thanks already,
  6. Hi, I'm a newbe, and I'm trying to upload a .jpg image in the 'admin' area (back-end of prestashop). But i get an error by loading the site: SmartyException in smarty_internal_templatebase.php line 129: Unable to load template file '/index.tpl' in smarty_internal_templatebase.php line 129 at Smarty_Internal_TemplateBase->fetch('/index.tpl', null, 'layouts/layout-full-width.tpl', null, false, true, false) in SmartyCustom.php line 110 at SmartyCustomCore->fetch('/index.tpl', null, 'layouts/layout-full-width.tpl') in FrontController.php line 671 at FrontControllerCore->smartyOutputContent('/index.tpl') in FrontController.php line 655 at FrontControllerCore->display() in Controller.php line 225 at ControllerCore->run() in Dispatcher.php line 379 at DispatcherCore->dispatch() in index.php line 28 I looked in the img folder on the server and see that the name of the image is getting a number and the Permissions are 644, So I changed it to 755, as like the original logo. But that also didn't fix it. I'm using prestashop with the default theme 'classic'. The website is: https://valkenet.com/7/index.php The index.tpl is in the folder: public_html/7/themes/classic/templates, with 0755 Permissions. Hope someone knows what I did wrong.
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