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  1. I think you should contact the author to upgrade. It is not difficult.
  2. So I wonder if this is right place for us to discuss about the issue and get the help to fix it?
  3. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/remarketing-shopping-cart-abandonment/16535-abandoned-cart-reminder-pro.html
  4. I think it is module "productscategory" which already exist in PrestaShop native. Could you try?
  5. Surely that you can do it without module. Just need to understand about attributes and combinations in PrestaShop
  6. I prefer to use Abandoned Cart Pro, I've already worked with it and I think it good. Just my opinion.
  7. It should be a custom work, or you should contact the author of that module to upgrade it
  8. Did it go to confirmation page or not?
  9. - If you not enter the wrong email + password. i guess there are some bugs in your code and your site are opening the debug mode. So it can't login. So if it is opening => Disable it. - Else, maybe you need to change the password in database.
  10. It should be a problem with your theme. You need to check if there is any error in console log.
  11. You should contact the author or hiring a developer :). From my ex, it is not easy and fast task.
  12. So I think someone fixed it in the template. it should be easy if you know a bit of code. If not please pm me. Thanks!
  13. I've made some testing on your client site. It is not easy to find out the reason with testing only. It should take time to debug deeply in the code. So if you are interested. Please pm.
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