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  1. " Myshop link " does not work after module installation

    That's where the problem occurs: I use Prestashop with xampp (on localhost). And therefore I can't update or install or change PHP or any other part of xampp separately So the only solution would be: Uninstall xampp and reinstall it again. But I am afraid that it will not work anymore once I do so. Question: What steps do I have to follow in order to save my SHop- folders and files (modules, templates, desings, settings etc. like everything connceted to my current shop), so that I can use or implenment them in the new xampp version? Thank you so much once again.
  2. " Myshop link " does not work after module installation

    By the way: here is an overview of the system information at the BO: Seems actually to be fine with all of the settings and I use all modules except for Stripe, that's why I just uninstalled it right now. But still no success at all.
  3. " Myshop link " does not work after module installation

    Well, I just cleared the cache and also set the user-freindly URL to no... But this happened: Stopped both, Apache and MySql and restarted them: works again fortunately. But the deleting the cache does not help either I guess.
  4. " Myshop link " does not work after module installation

    I uninstalled it again but: No success, same report screen with " An error occured "..
  5. " Myshop link " does not work after module installation

    Sorry, do I have to do anything precise for the shop? Just asking because I couldn't understand if I might missed something. ^^
  6. " Myshop link " does not work after module installation

    I am glad you know them- I actually had to be handed off to two different departments in order to get in contact with the right team. Took me 4-5 days :/ But they were still kind and replied to my questions, so I'd like to give them credits for that at least. The debug mode didn't give me any further help either, I still have the same error screen :/ Thanks a lot btw for helping me out, I seriously start to think that it must be the apache problem due to the xampp version I installed. It's just a little bit suspicious why it occured right after the module installation
  7. " Myshop link " does not work after module installation

    Sorry, my bad. Yes, of course, this is the link: https://codecanyon.net/item/prestashop-customize-invoice-template-module/12984195?ref=doughseven&clickthrough_id=1158351741&redirect_back=true It is from another company which are developping modules for Prestashop. I contacted the team quite often :/
  8. " Myshop link " does not work after module installation

    Thanks for the reply : ) But how can use or import my files and fodlers for my online shop in wamp if I install it ?
  9. " Myshop link " does not work after module installation

    Hi and thanks for the reply I already uninstalled the module a few times before actually posting the problem here but unfortunately it did not help. I also contacted the developer team but they told me that the problem itself can not be due to the module. So I wnated to figure out if it would help once I uninstall xampp in order to install it again. :/ But I am afraid I can't do this- it might be that I can not use my PS shop files and folders with xampp after the new installation. I am already looking for a solution on the web. Do you have any ideas or helpful links for me ? And thanks a lot for the reply, it's much appreciated.
  10. " Myshop link " does not work after module installation

    I just made a search in the root folder of my shop but unfortunately there was no file named " error_log " found so far :/ I just do not understand why this kind of problem occurs but I just figured out that it might be important that there is another report which says that apache is not working correctly. This one occurs from time to time but not regularly. Can it be that this problem is caused by apache ? I use xampp on the localhost for my shop, sorry just figured out that I forgot to mention this before. As you can see below the favicon on the tab is the one of xampp, so it might be an apache problem due to xampp. Can this be possible by any chance ? Greetings.
  11. Myshop-Vorschau funktioniert nach Modulupload nicht mehr

    sorry melde mich zwar so spät wegen Krankheit, aber ich hoffe immer noch, dass ich hier noch iwie Hilfe finde Leider bin ich immer noch am selben Punkt, BO geht und FO der gleiche Fehler wie zuvor. Ich nutze xampp und habe mir beim cPanel die Logs von Apache angeschaut. Problem ist nur: Ich verstehe leider nicht all zu viel davon, also fast gar nichts. Soll ich also nur nach schauen, ob iwas auffälliges da ist? Ich weiß auf jeden Fall noch, wann das Problem zum ersten Mal aufgetreten ist, also das Datum, an dem ich das Modul installieren konnte, sodass später die myShop-Vorschau nicht mehr funktioniert hat. Würde mich sehr freuen, wenn ich noch einen Tipp bekommen könnte. LG und danke für die Mühe.
  12. " Myshop link " does not work after module installation

    Hi, sorry for my late reply, caught a cold.. so I tried to figure out if I could do that.. I enabled the dev mode like you said but there are no error reports even if I enable the debug modus like this. So what am I supposed to do ? The back office works fine, yes but the shop still can't be seen so far :((
  13. Myshop-Vorschau funktioniert nach Modulupload nicht mehr

    Danke sehr, dann versuche ich es erst einmal damit. Nur: Wo kann man die error logs genau finden ? - Ich weiß die Frage ist wirklich dumm, aber bin auch erst in der Lernphase, wäre wirklich sehr sehr dankbar für die Antwort - Habe jetzt auch parallel das Filezilla geöffnet, leider noch nichts im Web darüber gefunden, wo ich die error logs vom Server finden kann-
  14. Myshop-Vorschau funktioniert nach Modulupload nicht mehr

    Danke für die Tipps. Ich habe mal erst die Overrides im BO konrtolliert: soweit abgeschaltet gewesen, aber leider keine myshop-Vorschau. Ich habe mir auch die Log-Dateien im BO angeschaut, nur leider stehen in der Liste nur lauter " 1 " en als Schweregrad und ich kann auch nicht auf die einzelnen Zeilen klicken bzw. dann passiert auch nichts. Mich wundert es halt nur, dass es nur nach einer manuellen Modulinstalletion soweit kam. Im BO funktioniert ja auch alles soweit wie vorher. Müsste ich evtl. dafür die htaccess Datei löschen oder regenerieren ? Hab das nämlich irgendwo gelesen, bin mir nur leider nicht sicher, ob es stimmt. LG.