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  1. A new x-file. Product cart add works in every page, so you can add them to the cart and they show up: http://pullupwear.com/pullup2010/ When you return to the home page, the product list on block-cart module disappears, but you can see the whole price and shipping rates correctly. I'm lost.
  2. Hi there! I downloaded the pay-mod One Page Checkout module from the prestashop addons section but it seems that I can't modify it. Why? There seems to be a permission issue when I try to upload the modified files to my ftp. I don't understand where's the point in paying for a module if you can't modify basic stuff like remove the ref, unit/price and other columns and data in the checkout page...
  3. Hi! I'm finishing a t-shirt online shop. everything seems to work fine except for the attributes on products. I have 5 of them (sizes): XS, S, M, L, XL But, no matter which one of them I'm selecting for the order, it always shows XS. Shouldn't be an ID problem, as every one of them has his on ID (from 21 to 25). I can't find where's the problem. The link: http://pullupwear.com/pullup2010/ Thanks a lot!!!
  4. Hi there! Found a problem in the search results page when I try to add to fields to the search results: manufacturar and the description of the product. Apparently, they should appear, as are included in the product-list.tpl file, but they don't. Is it something on search.php? Could somebody please help me? thanks a lot
  5. Sir, you made this newbie poster a happy man. Thanks a lot for the help
  6. Thanks! The point is, I don't have the generating code in my tpl files, they look like this category-tree-branch.tpl > {$node.name|escape:html:'UTF-8'} {if $node.children|@count > 0} </pre> <ul> {foreach from=$node.children item=child name=categoryTreeBranch} {if $smarty.foreach.categoryTreeBranch.last} {include file=$branche_tpl_path node=$child last='true'} {else} {include file=$branche_tpl_path node=$child last='false'} {/if} {/foreach} </ul> <br> {/if blockcategories-tpl [removed][removed] <!-- Block categories module --> {foreach from=$blockCategTree.children item=child name=blockCategTree} {if $smarty.foreach.blockCategTree.last} {include file=$branche_tpl_path node=$child last='true'} {else} {include file=$branche_tpl_path node=$child} {/if} {/foreach} [removed] // <![CDATA[ // we hide the tree only if JavaScript is activated $('div#categories_block_left ul.dhtml').hide(); // ]]> [removed] <!-- /Block categories module --> And the .js //animate the opening of the branch (span.grower jQueryElement) function openBranch(jQueryElement, noAnimation) { jQueryElement.addClass('OPEN').removeClass('CLOSE'); if(noAnimation) jQueryElement.parent().find('ul:first').show(); else jQueryElement.parent().find('ul:first').slideDown(); } //animate the closing of the branch (span.grower jQueryElement) function closeBranch(jQueryElement, noAnimation) { jQueryElement.addClass('CLOSE').removeClass('OPEN'); if(noAnimation) jQueryElement.parent().find('ul:first').hide(); else jQueryElement.parent().find('ul:first').slideUp(); } //animate the closing or opening of the branch (ul jQueryElement) function toggleBranch(jQueryElement, noAnimation) { if(jQueryElement.hasClass('OPEN')) closeBranch(jQueryElement, noAnimation); else openBranch(jQueryElement, noAnimation); } //when the page is loaded... $(document).ready(function () { //to do not execute this script as much as it's called... if(!$('ul.tree.dhtml').hasClass('dynamized')) { //add growers to each ul.tree elements $('ul.tree.dhtml ul').prev().before(" "); //dynamically add the '.last' class on each last item of a branch $('ul.tree.dhtml ul li:last-child, ul.tree.dhtml li:last-child').addClass('last'); //collapse every expanded branch $('ul.tree.dhtml span.grower.OPEN').addClass('CLOSE').removeClass('OPEN').parent().find('ul:first').hide(); $('ul.tree.dhtml').show(); //open the tree for the selected branch $('ul.tree.dhtml .selected').parents().each( function() { if ($(this).is('ul')) toggleBranch($(this).prev().prev(), true); }); toggleBranch( $('ul.tree.dhtml .selected').prev(), true); //add a fonction on clicks on growers $('ul.tree.dhtml span.grower').click(function(){ toggleBranch($(this)); }); //mark this 'ul.tree' elements as already 'dynamized' $('ul.tree.dhtml').addClass('dynamized'); $('ul.tree.dhtml').removeClass('dhtml'); } });
  7. Hi! I'd like to assing an ID or CLASS to every item on my dropdown menu, so I can assign styles to every one of them Now, my menu looks like this ></pre> <ul> option 1 option 2 option 3 option 4 option 5 last option And I'd need something like ></pre> <ul> option 1 option 2 option 3 option 4 option 5 last option Any clues? Thanks a lot
  8. Hola! gracias por contestar. Ya he incluído así los atributos, incluso he probado las dos maneras (uno a uno y el generador), pero la cosa sigue igual
  9. Hola! Nunca me había encontrado con este problema pero parece que siempre hay una primera vez Tengo una tienda de camisetas y cada una de ellas tiene 5 tallas (XS, S, M, L, XL). · Cuando cada producto sólo tiene 1 atributo (ej. la camiseta 22 sólo tiene la talla S) se pasa al carrito sin problema. · Pero cuando cada producto tiene varios atributos (ej. la camiseta 22 sólo tiene la talla S, M, L y XL) y seleccionas la talla S para comprarla siempre te pasa el valor de la L. Alguna pista? Gracias!
  10. Been stuck with this for the last 3 hours. Eugene, you saved my life. Thanks a lot!
  11. Hi there! I have this question which I couldn't find on the forum. Is there a method to include a module in the middle of the code of a page. For example, include all the modules on {$HOOK_HOME} but using each modules code, something like this for index.tpl file Old index.tpl {$HOOK_HOME} New index.tpl MY CODE HERE Some text... And the jcarroussel module <!-- MODULE jcarousel --> [removed][removed] <!-- jCarousel core stylesheet --> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{$module_dir}assets/jquery.jcarousel.css" /> <!-- jCarousel skin stylesheet --> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{$module_dir}assets/skin.css" /> [removed][removed] <!-- /MODULE jcarousel --> And finally, more text Thanks!
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