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  1. Diseño y desarrollo eCommerces a medida usando Prestashop. Hablo sobre Prestashop, eCommerce, analítica web, conversión web, módulos prestashop, etc Puedes visitarme en http://jordiob.com ¡Saludos a todos!
  2. Yup! but, for being honest, we had to pay someone to make a quick arrangement (in just a few hours) so we could create the download codes via our backoffice. Been thinking on make it properly and upload it as a module, but we have no time
  3. OMFG thanks a lot!!!!!!!!! I wonder now why on earth I never received an e-mail with your reply if I'm following this topic
  4. Let's begin saying that I hate modifying other people's code, but here we are. Why on earth is RETURN key disabled in the gift_message field? It's using maxlength jquery plugin, but it's not that. It's using hotkeys juery, but it's not that either. Then why can't I use it? The site: https://babymass.com/ 1) add a product 2) go to checkout: https://babymass.com/order.php 3) mark "use gift wrap" 4) then try to write your personal gift message and use a return to make a second line. Any clues? help please
  5. Well, solved. Digging on the forum I found a clue about the problem. Shop is only selling to Spain, Portugal and France. So I deleted all the zones and created custom ones for the shop. The thing is that you have to set this zones in tax_zone on your DB so they match with the VATs. Otherwise, they'll won't work. Ah. What a relief!
  6. Found out what's the exact problem, but not the solution. Taxes are activated in config, and by default group but, for any reasons, they're not being displayed in any price of the website.
  7. Hi! I have all my products with a 5% reduction. Everything should be ok but in the product.tpl file, the price displayed is the retail price, not the price with the reduction + VAT. It's curious because in some of them products, price IS correctly displayed F.e.: http://bit.ly/pdkYVC this should be 6.27 € (tax incl.) but it shows the retail price. Can you help me please?
  8. Hi! I have a little problem in my gift_message textarea box. I can't insert returns, so all the text is written in just one line: http://bit.ly/qUUqaf Any ideas in what could be the solution? I tried lots of combinations but is not working. Thanks a lot!
  9. Thanks Rocky! Applied the modifications but now non of them works
  10. Nobody can help us? I'm starting to desperate
  11. It used to work, then I made some improvements to fasten the queries as I have more than 50 categories, but now it's just working in some product pages correctly, and not in other product pages (which I, sincerely, can understand). Would be very grateful if anyone could help. Thanks!
  12. Hi! I have this problem with category tree branch, which is that everything on the menu is working in every page, but in product.tpl, causing all the menus not to collapse, but showing. Take a look at category page: http://bit.ly/nUhimk And the product page: http://bit.ly/qNqQPq Is it because there's one more level on the URL structure? domain.com/the-category/name-of-product. How can I solve it? thanks in advance
  13. Can't say nothing more than: THANKS THANKS THANKS I tried free modules, payment modules and this one is the best, you know why? because it exports the price as it is, without dots instead of commas. Man, you saved my life
  14. PrestaChangeo did the miracle through this post: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/35893/configuring___using_prestashop/solved_problem_uploading_downloadable_files_exceeding_14mb The ob_end_flush(); line worked perfectly. THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS
  15. Is there a way to display product_name field in AdminOrders, let's say, next to customers name? Thx!
  16. Hi Tim! They're already zipped. We tried to upgrade the hosting package, but it didn't work. I think that we can just try to buy a dedicated host, but it's quite expensive for us. Thanks!
  17. Hi! This is a new problem for me. We have a site which is an ecommerce based on paid downloads. When users pay and download files less than 50MB large there's no problem. But, when they try to download a file which is more than 50MB, the file they get is just 189kb. We checked the programming, and the server config and we couldn't find the problem. I'd be very grateful if somebody could help me. Thanks a lot in advance!
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