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  1. Sorry, my mistake, I thought it was there. There's a link on the ebook to the post that explains the how-to: 1- how to integrate Open Graph in Prestashop: http://bit.ly/17VfQSr what I do is put this on the product page <meta property="og:title" content="{$meta_title}" /> <meta property="og:description" content="{$meta_description}" /> {if $have_image}<meta property="og:image" content="{$link->getImageLink($product->link_rewrite, $cover.id_image, 'large_default')}" />{/if} So "if" product has an image, the og:image tag is filled with the image URL (the default image, of course)
  2. Hi! the code is on the ebook: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/256896-free-ebook-10-tips-to-improve-your-prestashop%E2%80%99s-seo/
  3. There are, as long as you define it on the code. You can use the same code for the product pages and obtain the product image for every product (categories pages as well) but, in the case of non-image related pages (cms, new-products, best-sellers) you have to write the conditions on the code: if page is new-products, fill the image with this particular URL if page is bestsellers, fill the image with this particular URL and so on
  4. Unfortunately, I don't have any more suggestions, besides building a module for that purpose
  5. hi! SEO stuff is tracked under the Acquisition tab where you can find all the data related to people coming to your site from search engines. Adwords stuff is also under Acquisition > Adwords tab (if you have both accounts related). If you're referring to filling meta description, meta title and so on automatically, that's not Analytics's job. If you mean keyword research, the best to do is use the keyword planner tool on Adwords or SemRush.
  6. if you manage wih code, put this on your header.tpl <meta property="og:title" content="{$meta_title|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" /> <meta property="og:description" content="{$meta_description|escape:html:'UTF-8'}" /> <meta property="og:image" content="http://url-to-the-image-you-want-to-show.jpg" />
  7. Also, try to put that URL on robots.txt so it's not indexed by Google so there's no chance that someone can get there from outside the page
  8. not against Analytics. Analytics just tracks the usual metrics (how many people/pages/time//refererrs...) and conversions. But that's it.
  9. if monster fairings is the name of the site, then maybe someone changed the structure of the meta titles so it's not compiling the title of the shop anymore
  10. I use the module "infinite scroll"
  11. I backup 3 times a day. "3 times a day, keeps clusterfucks away"
  12. Te las manda antes al índice de Google Images
  13. yup, that was the trick, meta_title wasn't on the code
  14. yes, like this Disallow: /category/1-prduct.html
  15. I know, but google's translate is so gibberish I was trying to get the text in Spanish in order to understand what was the question about
  16. Don't know any, but you can do it on robots.txt
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