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  1. Hi everyone, I have a products where I need to have a short product description under the product name in the "New order " email alert. This email alert is also supposed to be used as a packing slip by our staff Does anyone know how to do this?
  2. Thank you! I will try. For the event I don't get it corrected I will use a backup version from a month ago. In fact, most of the mods sice were text based and I have them all separate in text docs. Not such a big deal. Sometimes things are not as bad as theyseem. I will just make a backup every day of my database every day now. I should be doing this anyways. It is still in a development stage, so it is not such a big deal.
  3. Hi guys and gals! I saw this error message " Page not found - The controller AdminPsMboModule is missing or invalid." yesterday for the first time on when I tried to open "Modules"-> "Module Catalog". I get a similar message when I click on "Design" -> "Theme Catalog" : Page not found - The controller AdminPsMboTheme is missing or invalid. I thought running an update to would be a fix, but I was mistaken. The error persists. Is there any way I can fix this Must I trash 1 month of work ? I have a spare Version from January 8 with a different SQL-Database, that seems okay, but I would hate to have to revert and lose time.
  4. I updates my PrestaShop from to before planning my final tests and going live. Unfortunately my emails now show up partially in mixed languages, both German and English. This is very sad, because I had it all working to perfection. I do have a copy of the pre-update from January 8 on my FTP. It is fully functional and autonomous, as it uses its own sql-database. Technically I would only need to rename the folder and I would be, with a loss of 8 days of work, operational. Is there any way that I could have my correct emails without having to revert to the old version? It would be a charm if I only needed to copy the folders, but I am to scared to break it. ... an old IBM rule: Never change a running system! Question 2: what would be the best way to modify the footer on my Emails? My boss is going to behead me if he sees brand names other than our own. Sorry, I am "too old school" for PrestaShop. I used to run SmartStore.Biz, which has become outdated and the manufacturer discontinued the support. Anyways I am willing to learn...
  5. @tdsoftare @JBW Hey guys or girls or both YES! That's it. That fixed it. Thank you for your quick response
  6. Hi Everyone! I think I lost my code page settings - from the looks of it. The only significant change I made was on January 8, when I ran an update to the subject line now reads this: [Vee's Kaffee & Bohnen] New order : #51 - EOJVGGUOG when it should read [Vee's Kaffee & Bohnen] New order : #51 - EOJVGGUOG Straggely, the sender's email name, "Vee's Kaffee & Bohnen" shows correctly. Has anyone seen this happen before? I can not leave this for our customers like this. The shop is not yet open, but I am planning any day now
  7. Hi! Simetria, Have you ever gotten it figured out? I'd be very interested. I am selling coffee in 3 different bag variants, 250g, 500g and 1000g. I must by law state a base price based on weight, lets say per 1000g. The base price shows okay on 250g package, but quadruples at 1000g, Example, my 250g bag costs 5€ so the 1kg bag costs logically 20€ The base price however should never change and remain at 20€/Kg and not change to 80€/Kg, when I choose the 1KG bag This really drives me nuts! Any ideas?
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