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  1. FatalErrorException in admin page

    I'm done with experiments for now. I use a stable php 7.0 and will concentrate on the main job - building an online store.
  2. FatalErrorException in admin page

    I've managed to install Prestashop with PHP 7.1 Had to add this to apache's httpd.connf: LoadFile "C:/php71/libeay32.dll" LoadFile "C:/php71/ssleay32.dll" LoadFile "C:/php71/php7ts.dll" LoadFile "C:/php71/libpq.dll" Because after many tests with different versions of PHP I had no Curl and OpenSSL in phpinfo(). What is interesting the files libeay32.dll and sleay32.dll are missing in PHP7.2. This may have something to do with the problem noted above.
  3. FatalErrorException in admin page

    Interesting, we a fixing Prestashop.... I was a bit afraid to make changes to not break it, but since I just test it now ... So after I applied the fix you said I got 2 more errors: FatalErrorException in AdminLoginController.php line 400: Compile Error: Declaration of AdminLoginControllerCore::viewAccess() must be compatible with AdminControllerCore::viewAccess($disable = false) Then I edited line 164 (in AdminLoginController.php) : public function viewAccess() to: public function viewAccess($disable = false) And got the next error: FatalErrorException in AdminLoginController.php line 400: Compile Error: Declaration of AdminLoginControllerCore::setMedia() must be compatible with AdminControllerCore::setMedia($isNewTheme = false) Then edited line 47: public function setMedia() to: public function setMedia($isNewTheme = false) And got acces to BO, at last. But... I have a warning in BO: Warning line 569 file C:\\Apache24\\htdocs\\classes\\controller\\AdminController.php[2] count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable Then a lot of more errors inside BO. Someone from Presta team have to definitely check this tread. I do have PHP 7.2(64bit) installed, on Apache 2.4.29(64bit) Windows 7(64bit), VC2017(64bit), MySql 5.6(64bit) PrestaShop
  4. FatalErrorException in admin page

    Hi! Please tell me how you configured php.ini, because I have the same problem and no succes for now. Or upload it somewhere.