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  1. I am getting this error. OK] SQL ALTER TABLE `ps_currency` MODIFY COLUMN `numeric_iso_code` varchar(3) DEFAULT NULL NULL<\/div>","Database upgrade OK"],"nextErrors":["[INTERNAL] \/home\/xxxx\/public_html\/classes\/Validate.php line 36 - Cannot declare class ValidateCore, because the name is already in use","[INTERNAL] \/home\/xxxx\/public_html\/classes\/Validate.php line 36 - Symfony\\Component\\Debug\\Exception\\FatalErrorException: Compile Error: Cannot declare class ValidateCore, because the name is already in use\n#0 {main}"],"error":true,"next":"error"}" How do people upgrade the database from 1.7.1 -> 1.7.6 without going crazy?
  2. I have a client who has an old Prestashop website (Prestashop , PHP 7.1.33) I want to migrate his site from a shared to a VPS hosted via Godaddy. What kind of strategy would you use to migrate and update Prestashop. I was thinking of: 1. Building the same infrastructure (PHP and Prestashop) as the old version on the new VPS. 2. Upgrading the PHP and Prestashop on the new VPS server. 3. Migrate the database to the new server 3. Correcting all the errors one by one during the migration. Any Thoughts?
  3. Fresh install on my mamp server and same issue: - Prestahop - PHP 7.1 getting PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Symfony\Component\Yaml\Exception\ParseException: Malformed inline YAML string: { sso_resend_verification_email_url: '%ps_accounts.sso_resend_verification_email_url%', at line 73 (near "- { sso_resend_verification_email_url: '%ps_accounts.sso_resend_verification_email_url%',"). in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/test/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Yaml/Inline.php:447
  4. I am not an amateur and I am having trouble migrating Prestashop from cpanel to my local server. First: Apparently cpanel modified the configuration files and I have no clue what/where they did that since define.inic.php has been modified. Apparently it goes through a file called autoload.php first. Has anyone ever migrated Prestashop from a cpanel to a localhost? thanks
  5. Hi There, I would like to add a column with the customer email in the admin -> Orders page. I am surprised it is not there. Anyone knows how to proceed. Hopefully I do not need to change the core AdminOrdersController.php Thanks.
  6. Hi Selectshop.at, Thanks for the suggestion. I will send an email to the user saying they need to recreate a new password. Regards henrik
  7. Hello There Prestashoppers, I am building a shop and I need to import customers. Once this is done the customers need to login. I have several options: a) insert an MD5 password in the database. However I understand it is not that easy since prestashop salts and encrypts. How do I generate the bulk hash and salted passwords? b) send an email asking them to change their password. How do I do that is bulk? Any ideas of how to do it? Thanks
  8. What solved it for me is to delete the files in /prestashop/var/cache/prod thanks
  9. Hi There, I need to have 2 separate stores: https://shop1.myshop.com https://shop2.myshop.com I am using Prestashop Here are my steps: a) I unabled mutistore via Shop parameters -> General -> Enable Multistore -> Yes b) I went to Advance parameters -> Multistore -> Add a New Shop Group -> Fill in all the information c) Created a shop and Shop URL-> Domain: shop1.myshop.com SSL Domain: shop1.myshop.com Physical URL: / Virtual URL: (empty) d) Created a second Shop URL -> Domain: shop2.myshop.com SSL Domain: shop2.myshop.com Physical URL: / Virtual URL: (empty) c) Went and added the 2 subdomains to my DNS records via A/AAAA records on my VPS d) I am using Nginx and I suppose I need to redirect and configure my SSL. Anything else I need to do or consider? Regards H.
  10. Salut Preskaribou, J'ai installé ma boutique sur un serveur interne avant de le mettre en live. Merci
  11. Salut Preskaribou, J'ai la derniere version 1.752 de Prestashop et j'obtiens un soue de moins. La raison c'est qu'au Quebec la taxe est de 9.975 donc surement que le logiciel a du mal avec 3 chiffres apres la virgule. Si tu peux tester avec 12.90$ comme je l'ai fait et me dire ce que tu obtiens pour la taxe quebec ca pourrais nous aider. Merci Henrik
  12. Salut Preskaribou, Peut-tu vérifier que les taxes marches bien pour le Quebec? Il me semble qu'il y a un soue de difference car Prestashop n'arrondie pas correctement. voici un de mes tests: Merci
  13. Hmmm Thank you DreamTheme. I read the documentation obviously but I do think that hands on examples of how to build a custom page/template/layout is needed in the documentation. Like for example: How do I even know what the URL of the page is when I create a new folder/file? How do I create a new Page/Layout ? Etc. Thanks for the tips though. Henrik
  14. Prestashop a besoin d'autorisation/permission sur votre serveur. Il ne faut pas oublier de se mettre sur le repertoire de prestashop avant d'activer ces functions au niveau du terminal: sudo chown -R www-data * sudo chgrp -R www-data * sudo find . -type d -exec chmod 0755 {} \;sudo find . -type f -exec chmod 0644 {} \; Il faut aussi donner l'autorisation des repertoires log et aussi configurer Apache ou Nginx.
  15. I found the solution... Nginx and symphony don't go well together so you need a rewrite of your admin folder. Special thanks for this: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/519123-config-prestashop-17-and-nginx/?_fromLogin=1#replyForm
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