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  1. Hello, please help me with prestashop 1.7. free html box module. I try in different way to add my animate banner, but its dowsnt appear... I add my files (/images/my_img.png and /my.js) to my localhost (htdocs) . In html box I tryed lot of ways, to put my code, but its doeasnt shows. <script src="http://localhost/admin1538nffr6/slider-christmas.js"></script> <div id="animation_container" style="background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.00); width: 1110px; height: 448px;" gt="" div=""> <div id="dom_overlay_container" style="width: 1110px; height: 448px;"></div> </div> I disabled HTML purifier too. Can someone help me, Im not a coder, just try to get work my prestashop I disable HTNL
  2. I found it, where located all languages ../app/resources/translations/... PLEASE DELETE OR CLOSE THIS POST, thanks!
  3. Hello, I new in prestashop, write now I try to set up my store on prestashop (latest version). I cant understand how to import latvian and russian manually from computer, becouse I need to edit the " <source>Product details</source>" to " <source>Terms and conditions</source>" in shop theme catalog. Hope ypu understand my problem, I just cant find the whay to install it manually. Hope you understand my bad language, please help!
  4. Disable new user account registration

    Sorry, You didnt understund me, I whant to remove customer registration from my prestshop page. Im not a coder, so I need help. I removed some contents from personal-information.tpl, and remover from order page a login link, but how to remove all contents like - password, email etc. I will add sample picture : THANK YOU, hope You can help me!
  5. Disable new user account registration

    Hello, for my store I whant to remove registration option too. I uploaded your authentication.tpl and personal-information.tpl, but still in order process there are sign in link and registration, is there something more to do? I use prestshop 1.7 last version. THANK YOU !