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  1. I did, but eventually i build my own custom module for this setting, thank you anyways.
  2. Dear developers, I've been trying to create a second option of url rewrites to a product. In the standard Prestashop installation at the SEO & URL's section i've got the following products url build-up: {category:/}{id}-{rewrite}-{ean13}.html This creates the following products url: https://www.example.com/{category-name}/{product-id}/{product-name}/{ean13}.html What i would like to add is an option for various reasons to acces a products page through the following url build up: ean/{ean13}.html The result url would be something like the following example: https://www.example.com/ean13/{ean13}.html Is there a module, addon, or piece of code out there that would be able to generate these kind of structures? I did find some "Remove ID's from pretty url's" modules but that doesn't give me the result i'm searching for. Only partially since it only removes the ID's. It wouldn't be a problem if it's a redirect to the standard url build up as mentioned in the first {code} segment. I know i could write rewrite rules in my .htacces file but to do this for every product would be a lot of work so i was wondering if there is a more easy way of achieving this. Kind regards and thanks in advance!
  3. Have you been able to solve this since i'm having the same issue
  4. Hi everyone, I'm currently working on an application that uses the prestashop webservice. And after creating functionallities like: customer creation, product creation, update functions and other function's i've stumbled upon a problem. I'm trying to create or "recreate" the login function from Presatashop. I would like to give registered customers from the customers table and that are in a special group the possibility to login on the webservice area. So i've been trying some things but i can't quite get to the perfect solution that works for me. So my question summarized: How am i able to create a customer login script on my webservice application. Things i've tried are: <?php require_once('./PSWebServiceLibrary.php'); /** * get information from PrestaShop */ error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set('display_errors', 1); $webService = new PrestaShopWebservice($url, $key, $debug); $COOKIE_KEY = 'Cookie_key'; $email = $_REQUEST['email']; $password = md5('Cookie_key' . $_REQUEST['password']); $opt = array( 'resource' => 'customers', 'filter[email]' => '['.$email.']', 'filter[passwd]' => '['.$password.']', 'display' => '[email,lastname,firstname, passwd]' ); $result = ($webService->get( $opt )); $json = json_encode($result); echo ($json); $passwordCheck = array( 'resource' => 'customers', 'filter[email]' => '['.$email.']', 'display' => '[passwd]' ); $resultPass = ($webService->get( $passwordCheck )); $chopPass = $resultPass->children()->children()->children(); $jsonPass = json_encode($chopPass); print_r($jsonPass); if(password_verify($password, 'hashInDB')) { echo "Succes"; } else { echo "failed!"; } Thanks in advance!
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