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  1. You have to increase the max_input_vars in php.ini, or the web host do it for you.
  2. Import images doesn't work with CSV import

    OK. Tried with a fresh PS install on localhost and images import works. Maybe could be a server issue ? How to discover it ?
  3. Hello. I'm trying to create product importing from CSV file. Unfortunately all fields are imported but not the image URL. It is accessible from browser, and seems that PS just ignore the field. I'm only able to upload it from product backoffice. This is the image attached of product details after uploaded CSV. Any suggestion ? Thank you. Prestashop
  4. Import product attributes

    I think you have to import combinations. Just create CSV file with combination, and import them.
  5. Thank you. The problem is that I have a CSV already created incompatible, which has thousands of articles, and the attribute column is on a whole line. Changing everything manually would take a lot of time . I have to create all combinations for about 20 colours, 10, sizes, 2 kind of choice (if standard or mirrored). Imagine all the combinations ...
  6. Salve. Non ho trovato modo per spostare le informazioni riguardanti il codice SKU e la disponibilità riferita ad un prodotto nella parte alta della pagina del dettaglio del prodotto. In pratica se sposto il codice: {block name='product_availability'} <span id="product-availability"> {if $product.show_availability && $product.availability_message} {if $product.availability == 'available'} <i class="material-icons product-available">&#xE5CA;</i> {elseif $product.availability == 'last_remaining_items'} <i class="material-icons product-last-items">&#xE002;</i> {else} <i class="material-icons product-unavailable">&#xE14B;</i> {/if} {$product.availability_message} {/if} </span> {/block} dal file product-add-to-cart.tpl nel file product.tpl, non si aggiorna il messaggio della disponibilità dinamicamente nel caso seleziono un attributo del prodotto che non sia disponibile. Stessa cosa accade per lo SKU. Tutte queste informazioni sono posizionate nella parte bassa della descrizione del prodotto (nella TAB "Dettaglio prodotto") che risulta essere piuttosto scomoda da andare a vedere dove ci sono prodotti con molti attributi. Grazie. PS: v.
  7. Hello. I would like to move the default position of displayed subcategories (catalog/listing/category.tpl) from center of the page, to show them just under breadcrumb, so we will have: <nav data-depth="2" class="breadcrumb hidden-sm-down">....</nav> Subcategories there Thanks.
  8. Hello. I have a CSV file from another platfom where I have all products descriptions and combination for a sticker website. The main problem is to import the combinations available for each product being many. I have about 20 colors, 12-15 sizes and for each size the price changes. How could I convert the csv file to make it compatible with prestashop? Here is an example for 1 product (this is only the attribute row that cause me problems), where all attribute are made in a single row/line (and prices are specified in brackets "[]" ). All combinations possible are available. Dimensioni,21 x 15.7 cm.[=3.6],23.1 x 17.3cm.[=4.2],25.2 x 18.8cm.[=4.8],27.3 x 20.4cm.[=5.5],29.4 x 22cm.[=6.2],31.5 x 23.6cm.[=6.9],33.6 x 25.1cm.[=7.8],35.7 x 26.7cm.[=8.6],37.8 x 28.3cm.[=9.5],39.9 x 29.8cm.[=10.5],42 x 31.4cm.[=11.6],44.1 x 33cm.[=12.6],46.2 x 34.5cm.[=13.8],48.3 x 36.1cm.[=15],50.4 x 37.7cm.[=16.2],52.5 x 39.3cm.[=17.5];Colore,Giallo brillante,Giallo chiaro,Arancione chiaro,Arancione,Rosso medio,Rosso scuro,Borgogna,Magenta,Rosa,Viola,Blu cobalto,Blu scuro,Blu reflex,Blu brillante,Blu chiaro,Turchese,Verde foresta,Verde chiaro,Verde lime,Bianco,Grigio nebbia,Grigio,Grigio scuro,Nero,Argento,Oro,Avorio,Beige,Marrone,Marrone noce;Tipo vinile,Opaco,Lucido;Orientamento,Normale,Specchiato The bold red is the name of attribute and other are values. Thanks.