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  1. Hi! We have a eshop and around 1000 products with one Chinese language only, now we want add 1 more language "English", I knew we need add the English language in Internalional -> Languages. However, after added and enabled this language, customer can select the english too but we think we need at least 2 weeks to translate all chinese to english. How can prevent customer to select english before we finished all data input? if disabled it, we cannot do the translation entry as no other language option can select in admin back office. Regards
  2. Dear all community anyone can to help answer me this simple question as I only want to know what parameter should I use to show the customer order note in the order confirmation email, now the “order_notes” seem not correct! Just let me know is it have another name to get the order notes Thanks
  3. Hi! when customer check out, the check out page allow customer to input message and I want this message can show in the order confirmation email. However, I tired added below code in the order_conf.html but it cannot show the order message content and only show the exactly code "{order_notes}" in the email. if I put this {order_notes} in my custom invoice, it can show the content preperly, Don't know why in the confirmation email cannot retrieve the content. <span style="color:#333"><strong>Customer Order Note:</strong></span> {order_notes} full code as below in order_conf.html: <td style="padding:7px 0"> <font size="2" face="Open-sans, sans-serif" color="#555454"> <p data-html-only="1" style="border-bottom:1px solid #D6D4D4;margin:3px 0 7px;text-transform:uppercase;font-weight:500;font-size:18px;padding-bottom:10px"> 訂單詳情 </p> <span style="color:#777"> <span style="color:#333"><strong>訂單:</strong></span> {order_name}<br /><br /> <span style="color:#333"><strong>訂購日期:</strong></span> {date}<br /><br /> <span style="color:#333"><strong>付款:</strong></span> {payment}<br /><br /> <span style="color:#333"><strong>Customer Order Note:</strong></span> {order_notes} </span> </font>
  4. I got the same issue and want to show the domain name from domain.com/tw to domain.com/hk or domain.com/zh-hk. Any solution can solve this issue now? pls advise and help. Thanks!
  5. we have two language in our shop in hong kong, one is english and one is traditional chinese. the URL as follows: www.domain.com/en www.domain.com/tw however, we could like to rename the tw to zh-hk or hk as tw will let customer to think us are located in taiwan, not in hong kong. any method I can change the url ? Thanks! from: www.domain.com/tw to: www.domain.com/zh-hk
  6. no html editor in product page

    Just found something, if I change the interface language to english, it can display html editor normally now. but if I switch it to chinese interface, the html editor will disappear and only can show the normal text and coding only. So the problem is related to chinese interface have program bugs?
  7. ps php: 7.0.22 i found in product edit page, there is only showing the text and html coding in the summary and description. but I checked in category page, brand page and all other cms page, all can show html editor with top menu bar to change the font type, size, color, etc.... only the product page cannot show the menu bar and can show the text / coding only. already tried to turn debug on and disable all non-prestashop modules and disable override setting but still same. any one know what wrong is it? Server information: Windows NT build 9600 (Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition) i586 Server software version: Apache/2.4.27 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.2l PHP/7.0.22 PHP version: 7.0.22 Memory limit: 1024M Max execution time: 0 Upload Max File size: 20M