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  1. W tym miejscu nie znajdziesz niczego odpowiedzialnego za wysłanie maila "in_transit". Ponoć jest to wbudowane bezpośrednio w system presty
  2. The problem of backfilling customers with e-mails, if I have searched the forum, has been dragging from at least version 1.5. After changing the status of the shipment to "shipped", the customer receives an email about this fact and after a while he receives another e-mail with the shipment number. However, not everyone wants to make a shit into customer mailbox, so we need to find a solution. And there are two ways to do this - turn off sending an e-mail in_transit or better - force prestashop to change the status of the shipment to shipped, after entering the shipment number. The question is how to do this? Someone has any idea?
  3. Problem zasypywania klientów mailami, na ile przeszukałem forum, ciągnie się już co najmniej od wersji 1.5. Klient po zmianie statusu przesyłki na "wysłany" dostaje maila o tym fakcie, po czym po chwili dostaje kolejnego maila z numerem przesyłki. Nie każdy jednak chcę zasrywać swoich klientów niepotrzebnymi wiadomościami, dlatego trzeba znaleźć rozwiązanie. I są na to dwa sposoby albo wyłączyć wysyłanie maila in_transit albo lepsze wymusić na preście zmianę statusu przesyłki na wysłano, po wpisaniu numeru przesyłki. Pytanie tylko jak to zrobić? Ktoś ma pomysł?
  4. I would like to make promotions for customers like: "With this voucher you can make purchases 20% cheaper". The voucher will be distributed out of the shop. I don't want it to be visible for all clients/guests/visitor. Is there any possible way to do this in prestashop?
  5. Is there any way to change the address format for all countries at the same time?
  6. I would like the customer to complete in the address field only his name, address, postal code, country and state if it's necessary. Nothing more. Do I have to establish an address form for each country separately? One more point. To the address field for one country I added "other" field. I would like to place there information for the customer like: "Here you must add information about number of selected parcel machine" How can I do it?
  7. Hello. I would like the customer to be able fill into adress field his country from the list or complete it on his own. At the moment, the list of available countries includes only those for which I have downloaded the localization package. Do I have to download the localization package for every possible country?
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