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  1. CMS Page error

    Has anyone ever seen where a CMS page is showing on our homepage? its also not letting us get to our admin login, fortunately I am still logged into the back end and still have access. Its really strange, I have disabled all addons, compiled, refreshed etc. Not sure how or why it happened. Please help.website
  2. Sitemap

    Seems I am missing the sitemap module that's supposed to come with prestashop installation. Anyone know where I can download the module?
  3. Product Help

    Unfortunately Its not the theme, I tried the default one and it still does the same thing. Not sure if its a database issue or a setting somewhere I am missing. All the products are setup properly and should be showing fine.
  4. Product Help

    Hello, I have been experiencing an issue with products appearing under the top horizontal menu. When you click through on the front end, products don't display in any category even though it will say X Number of products here. If you go to the direct product page they show up fine and as they should. I have reset the module, cleared cache, reindexed all the products, checked the inventory, and everything else I could find through old posts and pages. Has someone seen this before and have a solution?