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  1. I can't remember how long my statistics graphs haven't been working for? I do without them! It is an irritation. I wonder too if I am overlooking something? The last couple of upgrades haven't helped - currently running I did think maybe to replace the stats module files with freshly downloaded ones, but I don't exactly know where these are and so I just put up without the graphs. I don't use the CSV data to draw missing graphs in other programs either ? Rob
  2. I switched to the boot-strap theme and all is working. I'll have a proper play after Xmas. Thanks to one and all. Rob
  3. I found where you add products to the home catagory, duly added some products, turned off caching, cleared cache, but no products. I see there are a lot of questions about this, will have a read. Thanks Rob
  4. Where do I do this though? I can't see where to do this? I am looking via Catalogue --> Catagories ??? Thanks Rob
  5. Hi, I fear I am looking at the solution to this in the face, but not seeing it? How do I get rid of the "No featured products at this time." from the 'Popular' tab? I just want to put some pictures in there? I attach a graphic to explain what I mean. Thanks in advance and apologies if I am being a spanner. Rob
  6. Hi Tuk66, thanks for getting back to me. I'll give it a try, but to all intent and purpose the theme I am using is practically the boot-strap theme. I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks Rob
  7. Hi, does anyone know how I can move the image thumbnails from a product page such that the thumbnails do not obscure the brief description text? The problem I am trying to explian is better illustrated here: https://shop.thesheppardsflock.co.uk/flockshop/story-bags/114-cinderella-story-bag.html Thanks Rob
  8. Upgraded to version and these minor gremlins cured themselves! Once again many thanks to Vekia! Rob
  9. I think I have managed to find the problem and a workaround: My shop was trying to load the fancybox graphics from the following folder: /public_html/shop/js/jquery/fancybox That is the files such as: fancybox-x.png fancybox-y.png, etc. This folder, nor the files existed. I checked with the online demo store and it doesn't seem to exist with that either, although the demo store works just fine. I created that folder and copied the files into it and it now works much better, although there is still something amiss (doesn't close the fancybox image correctly). If I could find out what, or where is pointing to this non-existent folder then that would be a proper fix. I won't make this as solved, but if anyone more knowledgeable knows how to fix the source of the issue then please do. Many Thanks to Vekia for his help. Rob
  10. Hi Vekia - apologies you will have to elaborate, only I have no idea how to go about this. I did try and switch the theme to the default Prestashop theme, but it didn't make a difference. Apologies. Rob
  11. Where would you start looking to fix this issue? As I mentioned, it works fine in the backoffice. I appreciate your help. Bob
  12. Hi Vekia - I have changed the code to as you suggest. However, it doesn't seem to have made a difference. Thanks for your time. Bob
  13. Okay - I think I follow: Footer - 2 Modules [Add block in footer] (Technical namedisplayFooter) 1 CMS Block v1.3 Adds a block with several CMS links. 2 Data mining for statistics v1.0 This module must be enabled if you want to use statistics.
  14. I have had a quick look, but to be honest I am at a loss as to where to begin looking for this. There is no mention of this https link in the footer.tpl. Incidently the images enlarge fine in the back office. Where would i begin to look? Thanks Bob
  15. Forgive my ignorance - but where would I edit that footer entry?
  16. Okay - I have replaced product.js in the 'default' folder, the 'Prestashop' folder and the 'themeXYZ' folder. I have not touched any of the mobile scripts. Cleared the smarty cache, but no luck. Thanks Bob
  17. Apologies for wasting your time. Third time lucky: http://shop.thesheppardsflock.co.uk/flockshop/index.php?id_product=135&controller=product Thank you. Glad I posted regardless. Bob
  18. That's not good. Just going to investigate... Thank you. Sorry, I'll try that again: http://shop.thesheppardsflock.co.uk/flockshop/index.php?id_product=135&controller=product
  19. Hi, I have recently upgraded from 1.3.7 via version 1.4x and finally onto On the whole very good. However, I have a small problem. If I click on a product and then the image maximize span, the maximized image never actually loads. For example: http://shop.thesheppardsflock.co.uk/flockshop/index.php?id_product=135&controller=product Does anyone know how I would go about fixing this. Many Thanks B-o-b
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