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  1. webservice GET pdf delivery slip

    This answer is pretty much zero worth
  2. Product location in 1.7.2

    In the lastest version of prestashop (1.7.2) I can't see any warehouse location field in the product edit ? -I see the product location field both in the webservice & the import list How do you handle product stock location in 1.7.2 ?
  3. webservice GET pdf delivery slip

    @tuk66 do you have a example ?
  4. Hi In prestashop 1.7.2 is it possible to disable the default sales label for a customers group ? etc. with a override -So B2B customers can see their special product price, without sale label on all products
  5. Hvad er SIRET nr ?

    Nogen der ved hvordan man erstatter det med CVR i 1.7 ? -Tænker på validering " SIRET nr er forkert."
  6. If you have a customer discount group in prestashop 1.7.2 And add a ordre to this customer in back office, NO discount comes when adding products ? is this a bug or ?
  7. wget PDF

    is it possible to get pdf delevery slip over wget ?
  8. Webhooks?

    looking for similar that works with 1.7
  9. Webhook module

  10. Webhooks?

  11. Backend url without token

    Is there a way to link the backend without getting 'Invalid Security Token' when opening link ? etc. http://prestashop.com/index.php?controller=AdminCustomers&id_customer=2&viewcustomer