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  1. You can do this by adding your own CSS codes in your own CSS files. And eventually, for adding another DOM elements that you want but not there in this module's files by adding what you want (the instagram logo for example) in this module's template files.
  2. Hello! Thank you so much! It works perfectly! But how can I hook it before footer? Because when I try to hook it to displayFooterBefore, it's not in the list. Do I need to add some code somewhere for it to show the displayFooterBefore? Thank you!
  3. Thank you so much!! It's working immediately! If I found this earlier, I wouldn't have had to wasted 3 hours to struggle with the php codes... Thank you! P.S. I use PS 1.7. And this one: https://github.com/nenes25/eicaptcha/releases/tag/2.0.3
  4. Thank you so much Oliiix!!!! It works perfectly!!!! ^^
  5. I'd like to know where to find all the texts we put in product descriptions and all the rest, via FTP to server folders. Anyone knows which folder keeps all these texts I put in from Prestashop backoffice? I don't have access to Prestashop backoffice anymore. Thank you
  6. And I had this error. Might be related? What is Mixpanel anyway and where does it used for? I didn't add it, so must be somewhere originally with Prestashop or the theme classic
  7. Hello, I have Prestashop The theme is the classic one, I modified by a lot of CSS. I have combinations as different colors for the same product. I have encountered a lot of problems. Nothing works. When I change the combination, the image of this combination is not showing. Only the default image showing. And when change the color from orange to red for example, nothing happens, the URL of the page is still https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx.html#/5-colour-red, The page is not reloading or the value of the combination is not changing. When one combination has stock, all other out-of-stock combinations can still be ordered. The button "Add to cart" is still active. The Cart is not working at all. I can add nothing to the cart. Just nothing happens when I click the button "Add to cart". Can anyone help me, please? I can offer more informations on the website if you need. Thank you!
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