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  1. Couldn't find it in cookies. Anyone have any thoughts? I feel like I'm talking to myself.
  2. Okay. So I think I'm getting to the problem. I think it's a cookies issue. The voucher code isn't being passed because it's set to zero, either as 0% or $0. I've got to see where the code for that is to see if there's a condition that keeps it from being passed. I've been able to apply it to the order and any attempt to add it again brings up an error that says the voucher code is already being used. It just doesn't indicate that the voucher code is assigned to the order.
  3. I figured this might be a tough one. There doesn't seem to be an error at all but the Voucher Code never pops up on the SHOPPING-CART SUMMARY and it doesn't reduce the quantity of the voucher codes specified. I just can't seem to figure out where to adjust the code. I've checked the Validate.php class but the isPercentage is set properly to validate '0' as a value. I've adjusted the CartRule.php class as well for both reduction_amount and reduction_percent so that they both >= 0. I'm trying to get the Voucher Code to be passed onto the New Order e-mail but it won't do that if the Voucher Code never gets logged in the order process. I'm not sure what I'm missing. I'm going to have to sleep on it. If anyone has any thoughts, I'd appreciate a fresh perspective.
  4. In older version of Prestashop, I was able to create a voucher with no value to track customer group purchases. Prestashop 1.6 doesn't allow vouchers to work that have no value. I can't set a 0% or $0 amount on a voucher. Is there a way to change that so that it will register the voucher even if it's set to $0 or 0%?
  5. I've been searching for an option to this but I can't seem to find it on the forums. I have a multiple shops set up. I currently have Share Customers enabled so that users can log in from any shop but I have Share Orders disabled. I've set up employees for different shops. I don't want them to see orders or customers from other shops. Right now, they can see all customers from all shops. Is there a setting that can restrict their access to a specific shop? Can you add a piece of code that specifies that they can view only customers from a particular shop?
  6. It doesn't work. The script keeps coming back as a positive match that the username is being used even though there isn't another account using that username. It keeps stopping the registration process and showing that there is an error that the username already exists. Any other thoughts?
  7. Thank you, bellini13! I'll try it out. Honestly, I'm not sure what version it is. It's pretty old but the changes I've made to it are so extensive that updating it is no longer possible without undoing a lot of work. I'll let you know how that works. Thanks again.
  8. I'm adapting Prestashop to eFront and have created a Username variable that gets passed onto the LMS using an API script. I'm currently trying to create a new function to check the database to see if anyone else is using the same username but I can't seem to get it to work. In the Customer.php file in Classes, I've created the function below: static public function usernameExists($username) { if (!Validate::isGenericName($username)) die (Tools::displayError()); $result = Db::getInstance()->getRow(' SELECT `id_customer` FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'customer` WHERE `username` = \''.pSQL($username).'\''); return isset($result['id_customer']); } In the authentication.php file, I added the line: elseif (Customer::usernameExists($username)) $errors[] = Tools::displayError('Someone has already registered with this username'); beneath the one that checks to see if the same e-mail is being used by another user. It seems to always pull up the 01. Error, "Someone has already registered with this username" even when I've created a username I know isn't being used and it won't create the account. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm stumped and have been working all day on this issue.
  9. So how does Prestashop update Customer information when they go to update their name, e-mail or password? I don't see the function in IdentityController.php in Prestashop version
  10. I would really appreciate some help on this matter. My other option is to write a function to pull the data from the database that was just created and run the script above to interface with eFront's API. I just thought there'd be a way to use the captured data from the account create form and submit it that way. No thoughts?
  11. HI, I'm trying to merge Prestashop with eFront Learning Management System without using jFusion which doesn't work well for me. Essentially, I'm trying to create an account on eFront automatically when a user signs up for an account on Prestashop. I've managed to use an eFront API script and added it to the "processSubmitCreate" function. I got it to work when I hard coded variables, like password, firstname, lastname and email in the script so I know it works. I'm trying to pass on the variables listed above from the create account function to this script but the variables doesn't seem to want to pass to it. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Right now, I'm getting a technical error (TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form. Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: parsererror). See the code below: protected function processSubmitCreate() { if (!Validate::isEmail($email = Tools::getValue('email_create')) || empty($email)) $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('Invalid email address.'); elseif (Customer::customerExists($email)) { $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('An account using this email address has already been registered. Please enter a valid password or request a new one. ', false); $_POST['email'] = $_POST['email_create']; unset($_POST['email_create']); } else { $this->create_account = true; $this->context->smarty->assign('email_create', Tools::safeOutput($email)); $_POST['email'] = $email; } $api_url = 'http://localhost/efront3.6.14/www/api.php'; $admin_id = 'admin-username'; $admin_pw = 'admin-password'; if ($stream = fopen($api_url.'?action=token', 'r')) { $token = stream_get_contents($stream); $token = preg_replace('#</?token[^>]*>#is', '', $token); fclose($stream); } if ($stream = fopen($api_url.'?action=login&username='.$admin_id.'&password='.$admin_pw.'&token='.$token, 'r')) { $login = stream_get_contents($stream); fclose($stream); } if ($stream = fopen($api_url.'?action=create_user&login=new&password='.$customer->passwd.'&name='.$customer->firstname.'&surname='.$customer->lastname.'&email='.$customer->email.'&languages=english&token='.$token, 'r')) { $create = stream_get_contents($stream); fclose($stream); } }
  12. Andy, Here's my suggestion. Turn off SSL or disable SSL in your Preferences tab and see if your website works properly. This will at least give you an idea as to whether or not this is due to your certificate. As to the Mismatched UID, everything I know about it indicates that it's an issue with the server and your hosting company. That's all I can tell you about it. Good luck.
  13. Do you have a SSL certificate purchased and set up with your hosting account? If you don't, you'll need to disable the SSL feature in the Preferences tab of your Back Office admin area.
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